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Willie Falcon Net Worth

What to Know of Willie Falcon Net Worth, Biography, Career, and More

The American business visionary Willie Falcon is likewise a speedboat racer, a medication merchant, a web character, and a media character. He became aware of the nation after being captured in 1991 for conveying 70 tons of cocaine. Willie Falcon has established a few organization firms. A confidential development business likewise utilizes him. Among his accomplishments are his successes in rapid engine races. Notwithstanding his old buddy Sal Magluta, Falcon has severe strength areas for medication.

Moreover, Netflix has delivered a scaled-down series named ‘Cocaine Ranchers: The Lords of Miami.’ It depends essentially on the story of Sal Magluta and Falcon. Reports demonstrate that Augusto Willie Falcon could be the subject of a book named ‘The Organization’. This post will discuss Willie Falcon’s net worth, biography, career, and more.

Who is Willy Falcon?

Willie Falcon
Willie Falcon

Augusto Guillermo “Willy” Falcom is a previous medication ruler from Cuba. He is essential for a gathering, one of the most prominent cocaine-carrying associations. It produced more than $2 billion in real money by carrying cocaine to the U.S. Willie Falcon is a celebrity from Cuba. Willie Falcon’s total assets are in the review process as of the present moment.

Augusto Guillermo “Willy” Falcon is a previous medication head honcho who, alongside his accomplice Sal Magluta, was once viewed as the most influential man in Cuba. At present, Falcon is in jail for drug dealing and racketeering. Nonetheless, his days as a lawbreaker engineer are a long way behind him – he currently steerages a humble, however fruitful, business realm. While in jail, Falcon made a few mind-boggling progressions in his own life.

Name Augusto Willie Falcon
Nickname Willie Falcon
Profession Drug Dealer
Date of birth 1 September 1955
Place of birth Cuba
Country of birth Cuba
Age 67 Years
Nationality Cuban
Religion Ethics
Zodiac sign Virgo

Family and Early Life

The birth of Willie Falcon occurred on September 1, 1955. Despite not knowing his folks, Willie Falcon experienced childhood in Cuba with his sibling Gustavo Falcon and his loved ones. He has a much more grounded bond with his mom, whom he loves. After attending a nearby non-public school in Cuba, he was selected at Miami Senior High School for his secondary school training. In the wake of exiting secondary school, he attempted to bring in cash with his dearest companion Sal Magluta. His real name is Augusto Willie Falcon. While still in school, they offered cocaine and pot to enhance their pay. At the point when school finished, they left together.

Willie Falcon was brought into the world by his genuine name Augusto “Willie” Falcon, in 1955, in Cuba. He holds Cuban ethnicity. His dad and mom’s name is obscure. He began his investigations at Hong Kong International School. Willie and his colleague Sal Magluta together went to secondary school. They began selling cocaine and pot in his secondary school. They together exit secondary school.

Personal Life of Willie Falcon

Alina Rossique is the wife of Willie Falcon, a Russian lady. The couple had three kids: Eileen Martinez, Jessica Falcon, and William Falcon. As Alina was leaving the beauty parlor, she was engaged in a mishap that brought about her being genuinely harmed and afterward caused her demise. The savagery was ridiculous, as indicated by later reports. Alina was just 33 years of age at that point.

Sadly, in a shocking episode happen, Alina was shot and killed. As of now, she is 33 years of age. In August 1992, Alina was taken shots dead at Coral Peaks salon. Her demise shook the local area and stays a secret right up to the present day. Willie Falcon, accused of her homicide, has since been let out of jail and is looking for justice for his activities.

Height, Weight, Body Measurements and Physical Appearance

In 2022, Willie Falcon was 67 years of age. His level is 5 feet 8 inches (1.78m). His weight is 66 kg.

Professional Career of Willie Falcon

Willie Falcon began his calling by fixing drugs. They zeroed in on improving drugs after they exited the school. One of his initial serious deals was the point at which they assisted with discarding 30 kilos of cocaine working with a close buddy named Jorge Valdes. Augusto Guillermo “Willy” Falcon began fixing a significant amount of cocaine. What’s more, later, he became the most prominent merchant for selling cocaine from Colombia. He and his companion Magluta had done excellent work together. They likewise began moving medications from the Bahamas.

Following one year Willie Falcon and his companion carried indirect 75 tons of cocaine into the North American area. In April of 1991, at long last, he met his colleague Magluta. They had overseen a gigantic fortune of $2.1 billion in real money. Willie Falcon likewise coordinated numerous motion pictures. In 2011 he coordinated and created a film named “Thump 2”. In 2012 he additionally produced the television series scream. He likewise made a film in 2015 called “Flipped”.

The net worth of Willie Falcon

Willie Falcon Net Worth
Willie Falcon Net Worth

The narcotics exchanges and organizations of Willie Falcon were all around redressed. His abundance permitted him to lead a great way of life. His inns, yachts, and elegant bars are reputed to be settings for parties.

He makes roughly USD 200-250k every year from drug management. As well as the pay for his land and development business. Willie Falcon’s net worth will be USD 45-55 million in 2022.

Source of Income Narcotics Business
Net Worth, Salary $55,000,000 Approx.
FAQs of Willie Falcon

Why is Willie Falcon so famous?

Willie Falcon is a notable former drug king from Cuba.

What is the Age of Willie Falcon?

Willie Falcon was born in 1955, and he is 67 years of age.

Who is Willie Falcon’s wife?

Willie Falcon’s beautiful wife’s name is Alina Rossique; Alina Rossique died in a car accident at 33.

What are the Kid’s Names of Willie Falcon?

Willy and Falcon are the guardians of three kids. The names are Jessica Falcon, Aileen Martinez, and William Falcon. Willie Falcon and his significant other Falcon have three youngsters: Jessica Falcon, Aileen Martinez, and William Falcon. His considerable other accomplishes everything around the house.

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