Wall Street Trapper Net worth, Age, Family, Real Name, Profession

Wall Street Trapper Net Worth

This article will discuss Wall Street Trapper net worth, aka Leon Howard, age, family, education, books, real name, birthday, and all other related information about this unique personality.

Many people can be lifted out of poverty by increasing their financial literacy and awareness of generational wealth. The Wall Street Trapper, aka investment guru Leon Howard, advocates this to his audience of online fans.

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Wall Street Early Life:

Leon Howard was born on July 9, 1962, and raised in an urban district of New Orleans, Louisiana. When he was just nine years old, he saw the murder of his mother by gunshot. Later, he became interested in tugging to achieve robberies and other criminal dealings.

He was convicted of murder at 17 years old and given 10 years imprisonment. He met a white man at the Louisiana State Penitentiary who altered his perspective on cash.

The individual claimed he would still have $2 million in the bank after serving his term. He also corrected Leon’s course by instructing him on the significance of investment and business development.

Quick Bio of the Wall Street Trapper:

Real NameLeon Howard
Date Of BirthJuly 9, 1962
BirthplaceNew Orleans, Louisiana
Age 59 Years Old
Marital StatusMarried
WifeMaria Gloria
Zodiac SignCancer

Net Worth$100 million

Life’s turning point for the Wall Street Trapper:

Howard spent much of his time in jail reading books and watching CNBC educate himself on the stock market. He was also selected to labor in the prison woodshop, earning eight cents an hour cutting down trees.

After his imprisonment, Leon found work as an ironworker, a trade involving erecting metal framework and fitting it into place. The native of New Orleans put 70% of his savings into the stock market.

While now a free man, he has experienced several financial setbacks, many of which have been challenging to overcome. Though he made mistakes, Leon was determined to improve. Over time, he left his job to focus solely on business and investing.

The author of a recent press release cited his upbringing as the source of his resiliency.

“There is nothing that can limit me because I know how to adapt, survive and make the best out of my situations.”

Wall Professional Life:

Leon started his “From the Trap to Wall Street” business to convey financial education to the general public. So that he could reach more people online, he launched the Wall Street Trapper channel on YouTube in 2018.

He also launched the e-commerce site WallStreetTrapper.com to peddle digital products like courses, Wall Street trapper books, and swag. He also frequently appeared as a guest on other people’s podcasts, such as The Breakfast Club, Lewis Howe, and Earn Your Leisure, in addition to his own. Today, he is responsible for educating nearly 700,000 Trapper community members on wealth creation and investment.

Wall Street Trapper Course
Wall Street TrapperNet Worth

The businessman’s teaching technique, which he elaborated on in interviews to be more accessible to African-Americans in urban settings, became well-known. As a result, his YouTube channel now has over 320,000 subscribers.

Wall Street Trapper Net Worth:

Leon’s primary source of income is probably from investing in safe equities like Google and Apple, though he doesn’t disclose the specifics of his portfolio. Brand endorsements, YouTube advertising, merchandise sales, and Wall Street Trapper course fees contribute significantly to his wealth.

Howard has hinted on social media Wall Street Trapper net worth can be concealed by using trusts and LLCs, even though his fortune is estimated to be $6 million. This indicates that his wealth may be significantly higher than predicted.

Wallstreet Trapper tweeted in December 2020 that no one seems to know how rich he is and that their guesses are probably not even close.

 Leon Howard, a financial educator, wrote at the time. 

“Once you get a certain level of bread, you learn how to hide it in LLCs and trusts. Own nothing, control everything….”

However, a recent press release hinted at Howard’s riches by saying he has amassed a seven-figure firm.

 How old is the Wall Street Trapper?

 Leon Howard was born on July 9, 1962, and will be 59 in 2022. 

Wall Street Wife:

Leon began dating fellow social media sensation Maria Gloria after the two met at an Alaskan cafe. The Wall Street Trapper is the father to a son and stepdaughter. His partner, Maria, is a mother; her daughter’s name is Autumn Gloria.

 In 2021, Wall Street Trapper and his wife Maria Gloria became parents to a baby boy. Leon Howard and his family reside in urban New Orleans, Louisiana.

Social Media Accounts of Wall Street:

YouTube Channel

His YouTube channel, Wallstreet Trapper, has 320,000 subscribers and 1.7 million views.


 His Instagram account, @wall street trapper, has 590k followers.


His Twitter account, @Wallstreet504, has 23.7k followers; Howard also provides financial guidance to his audience.

Wall Street Trapper Course:

 He has started an online store called WallStreetTrapper.com, where he sells e-books, audiobooks, and merchandise. Wall Street trapper course designed for trappers to provide financial guidance. 

This course is unique in its approach to teaching trappers how to invest in stocks from start to finish. After paying for the program, you can return to it whenever you choose. There are 13 distinct sections, each covering a different facet of investment. Everything from using ratios to determine how much a stock is worth to figure out whether to reinvest dividends in the company or use the money for something else.

Because I want to give you as much value as possible, you will not only get a complete education in the stock market, but you will also have free access to any new modules I add to the course in the future. It will take effort to succeed in this course, but the payoff is limitless.

Aim of Wall Street Website: 

According to the website, Howard started the initiative From the Trap to Wallstreet because he wanted to “empower and improve the financial thinking of urban America.”

Individuals who are financially stuck and unable to pursue the route to financial freedom are said to be “From the Trap,” as he explains. “It also alludes to the stuck attitude produced by a setting in which criminal activities finally devour people and lead them to be routed in a justice system that strips them of everything financially and emotionally,” says the author.

Therefore, the name of the movement “symbolizes escaping the trap to arrive on Wall Street and adapting to a new environment, mindset, and way of life.”

Howard Works for Financial Freedom

In an interview with Power 105.1 FM’s The Breakfast Club on April 9, Howard revealed that he plans to invest with his daughter’s future in mind. He explained that the financial district of Wall Street is like a giant old machine that constantly produces new currency.

“I just got to know how to operate the machine. If I learn how to operate the machine, I got a job forever, and a job is just to produce freedom for myself and then let my daughter and I start inheriting freedom.”

He continued, “So, my daughter, who is now five years old, has six figures invested. Since she was a baby, I’ve been putting money down for her future. Allow that to become the norm if you will. Let’s make it commonplace to ask, “So, you want to go to college?” Awesome, I have been saving and investing for you since you were 2 years old, so you don’t have to take out any loans to attend. You’ll have a million dollars by the time you’re fifteen.

“That’s the goal: to give her freedom,” he concluded. “Not just money, but give her freedom.”

Wall Street Trapper Books
Wall Street Trapper Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What is the Wall Street Trapper real name?

A: Wall Street Trapper real name is Leon Howard.

Q: What is the Wall Street Trapper net worth?

A:   Wall Street Trapper net worth is estimated to be $100 million.

Q: What is the Wall Street Trapper Age?

A: He was born on July 9, 1962. Wall Street Trapper Age is 59.  

Q: How do I invest on Wall Street?

A: Online stockbrokers make it simple to invest in the market. Stocks can be purchased on the broker’s website shortly after account creation and financing. Utilizing the services of a full-service stockbroker or going straight to the source to purchase stock shares are possibilities. 

Q: What is the safest investment with the highest return?

A: In October 2022, these are the safest investments you can make:

Those with access to a high-yield savings account.

Bonds were issued for the first time.

Money market instruments with a short term.

Investments in the money market.

Treasury bills, notes, bonds, and treasury inflation-protected securities.

Debentures issued by a corporation.

Stocks that pay a dividend.

Common stocks aren’t as preferred as preferred stocks.

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