TJ Hunt Net worth, Age, Biography, Family, Career, YouTube

TJ Hunt Net Worth

In this article, we will learn everything there is to know about TJ Hunt. We will discuss TJ Hunt net worth, wiki, girlfriend, relationship, education, company, TJ Hunt BRZ and facts about his race and country of origin.

Early Life:

On December 28, 1994, Thomas Hunt was born in Montreal, Canada. His zodiac sign is Capricorn. TJ is a member of a Christian household and is of white ancestry. He is most known for his YouTube videos about cars.

TJ was raised in San Diego, California, but was born in Canada. He started at Del Norte High School and ultimately graduated from UC Berkeley. After graduating from Del Norte High School, he continued his study at the University of California.

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TJ Hunt Biography

Name TJ Hunt
Date Of Birth28 December 1994
BirthplaceMontreal, Canada
Age (as of 2022)27 Years Old
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Religion Christian
ProfessionYoutuber, connoisseur of cars, and social media celebrity
Net Worth$2 million

Professional Life:

After completing his University of California graduation, TJ decided to build a career as a car expert on YouTube and started posting videos that reviewed and analyzed cars.

 His unique content attracted millions of subscribers in a short period due to his impressive range. TJ currently has millions of followers on other social media sites and more than 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube.

TJ Hunt YouTube Videos

TJ Hunt kicked off his career by releasing a video titled “Dye NT Shooting,” which has been viewed by over 31,000 people till today. He was immediately followed by the upload of a video titled “Dye NT Unboxing,” which has been viewed by over 17,000 people.

Hunt continued to work quickly and published the videos “Gear Bag Video” and “A Closer Look at Dye NT,” both of which were viewed by a limited audience. He continued to upload videos the next year but then went on a three-year break, during which he did not upload any to his channel. 

Following the conclusion of his vacation, Hunt uploaded car-related videos, beginning with “BMW 338i Performance Exhaust & Intake (E90).”

Shortly after changing the theme of his channel, he began to draw more subscribers and views, thus garnering more audience recognition.

 He then uploaded “A Little Intro,” which has been viewed by about 60,000 people, and released a second video titled “Automotive Photography Garage Shoot.”

In May 2014, he uploaded videos such as “Toyota Fest 2014,” “MCM Meet USA in LA,” and “Palm Springs Cruisin,” all of which received a generally favorable public response. Occasionally, Hunt also produces Q&A films in which he responds to fan-submitted questions via social media.

Recent Movies

His most recent films, such as “Entering the Rotary World,” “I Regret Not Buying This,” and “Our Last Day,” has been watched by the vast majority of his followers.

Late in March, TJ Hunt put up a video called “Pushing My Limits.” So far, over 220,000 people have watched it, and most of the comments have been positive.

It’s reasonable to say that Hunt has amassed a devoted fan base due to his talent and consistency in blogging. His videos have been seen over 200 million times, and he now has over 800,000 subscribers.

His videos are about cars, although TJ also makes other types. For instance, TJ Hunt rebuilds Audis, Mustangs, Ferraris, and other luxury automobile brands. He also records vlogs on vehicle meets, events, and tutorials.

Social Media Fan Following:

Hunt has a sizable online following across platforms like Twitter and Instagram; 79,500 people subscribe to his tweets, and 450k people Follow him on Instagram. He uses social media to share pictures of cars and other vehicles.

TJ Hunt is a Canadian YouTuber, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. His YouTube channel, garage, and Instagram feed made him a viral sensation. In 2012, TJ got a lot of attention after posting a vlog in which he showed off his huge collection of cars and showed how well he knew about them.

TJ’s YouTube channel has over 2 million followers and 625 million total views.

TJ Hunt Merch:

TJ has identified a highly profitable business opportunity in the form of a hunt company.  Hunt&Co is a great example of a successful brand thanks to its devoted fan base and high-quality goods.

The popular YouTuber TJ took the practice of selling merchandise to a new level by investing all of his revenue from YouTube commercials into developing new products.

His online following encouraged him to start a clothing line called “Hunt & Company,” where he could sell items like T-shirts and sweatshirts in addition to jeans. His company is successful and regularly achieves top sales rankings.

TJ is a well-known YouTuber, but he is also an entrepreneur. He started the clothing company Hunt & Company. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram users continue to follow him in the millions.

The store expanded its product offerings to include those of other manufacturers at the start of the previous year. He assembled a staff and launched a business selling add-ons for cars. TJ Hunt’s fortune skyrocketed due to his radical approach to problem-solving.


The BRZ marks the beginning of what has become a tremendous enthusiasm for cars for TJ, who has repeatedly stated that he wasn’t much of a car guy until high school. In any case, he said in this video that reviews from “subaruwrxfan,” which is now Matt Maran Motoring, were what made him decide to buy a BRZ.


On March 13, 2014, TJ uploaded his first video about BRZ to his YouTube account.

The brief introduction didn’t go into much depth, but we discovered that he had just bought the car to replace the BMW he had been driving. Before this, he hadn’t even uploaded much about cars on his channel.

The videos “I Got a Wideboy Kit For the BRZ” (viewed nearly three million times) and “No F*cks Given Miata Review” (viewed over 2.6 million times) are two of TJ’s most popular works. He also shared a video called “Making a Lexus Loud,” which has been seen over two million times.

TJ uploaded his first vlog TJ Hunt BRZ on March 13, 2014. We met quickly, so we didn’t talk about much, but we discovered that he had just bought this car to replace the BMW he had been driving. Before this, he hadn’t even uploaded much about cars on his channel. If you’re interested in seeing where it all began with BRZ, you can see its origin story here:

In the early months of 2015, I experienced a severe relapse in my YouTube addiction. Back then, I had zero interest in making my channel and was fine with spending hours watching useless videos online (when I should have been working instead).

At around the same time, I came upon the TJ Hunt BRZ, and together sparked an entrepreneurial fire in me as nothing else had before. If that kooky kid can make a successful YouTube channel about his life and automobiles, I can too.

Automotive Content For YouTube

I immediately discovered how difficult it was to generate useful and interesting automotive content for YouTube. I finally gave up and watched TJ turn his normal 2013 Subaru BRZ into the JDM monster show car it is now.

I can’t say I agree with the way he built the car (it’s much too “ricer” and hacked together for my tastes), but it was an interesting process to observe. A few weeks after the sticker bomb concept was conceived, the first major modification was installed: an exhaust system (Invidia N1).

Interestingly, the exhaust installation video was his first foray into the world of automotive “how-to” videos. His entire business is based on making installation films; he began with a stock 2013 Subaru BRZ.

TJ Hunt has never been known for being smooth and cool on video, so it’s funny to look back and see how hard he had to work to make this first how-to video in his friend Calvin’s crowded garage. And just so you know, I’m not making fun of TJ for being awkward on camera because everyone knows that I’m a nerdy goofball in my videos. I’m not one to talk much.

TJ Hunt Girlfriend: 

Late in 2015, he posted a video titled “Honda’s won’t stop revving at me,” then a few months later, he published “Meet My Girlfriend,” in which he presented his fiancée to his viewers.

Regarding his private life, TJ has been dating Instagram influencer Sabrina Leamon for quite some time.


TJ Hunt Net Worth 

TJ Hunt net worth is $2 million, a sum he has amassed through his YouTube channel, commercial appearances, and product endorsements.

According to reliable sources, this YouTuber earns roughly $420 daily, or more than $150,000 annually. He has amassed over $600,000 for his nearly ten-year career in the profession since he first started posting videos in 2009.

Since TJ is a YouTube creator, Hunt receives payment whenever one of his videos has an ad aired. In addition, he supplements his income with proceeds from contractually obligated business alliances. Like many other successful YouTubers, Hunt makes extra money by selling his merch.TJ Hunt net worth almost $1.8 million from advertising alone.

Based on his social media activity, TJ Hunt appears to be capitalizing on his fame by endorsing the products of many well-known companies to maximize his financial gain. Hunt has moved into a new home this year. As a result, a popular YouTuber TJ Hunt net worth is likely over $2 million.

TJ Hunt Most Frequent Asked Questions: (FAQs)

Q: What is TJ Hunt Age?

A: Currently, TJ Hunt age is 27.

Q: How tall is TJ Hunt?

A: TJ Hunt stands at five feet nine inches tall.

Q: Where is TJ Hunt from?

A: TJ Hunt grew up in Montreal, Canada.

Q: Who is TJ Hunt?

A: The American YouTuber Tj Hunt makes videos about motorsports.

Q: What is the TJ Hunt Net Worth of a year?

A: TJ Hunt net worth is $1.5 million.

Q: How did TJ Hunt get so rich?

A:  he has amassed through his YouTube channel, commercial appearances, and product endorsements.

Q: What cars does TJ Hunt own?

A: Subaru BRZ Limited 2013. 

Nissan 350Z 2006

Mazda MX-5 1995 

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