Tessica Brown Net Worth, Age, Gorilla Glue Girl, Death, Disease, Surgery, Instagram, Rip, Alive, Update

Tessica Brown Net Worth


Another hair disaster has caused Tessica Brown to go viral. Keep scrolling to see why the social media star—first introduced to the world as a“Gorilla Glue Girl”—is back in the spotlight with a new nickname.

In this article, We will discuss Tessica Brown Net Worth, Age, Gorilla Glue Girl, Death, Disease, Surgery, Instagram, Rip, Alive & professional life. Tom is a PGA of America certified professional and is busy with his students during the season.

Tessica Brown is at the centre of a hilarious viral moment. Last night, the social media star—first introduced to the world a“Gorilla Glue Girl” —posted pictures to her Instagram story that are going to make you do a double take.

She’s not just a girl with a bad hair day, she’s a girl with a bad hair NIGHT. Social media star Tessica Brown recently turned a hair disaster into an opportunity to show her followers that everything happens for a reason. While at a salon, the stylist accidentally glued her hair down while applying a weave.

The social media star was left without her signature dreadlocks and a weave that wouldn’t stay in place. However, Tessica’s story became an inspiration when fans learned that she donated her hair to a charity that makes wigs for children with cancer.

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Tessica Brown Age

Tessica Brown is about 40 years old,she was born on October 20, 1981 in Louisiana US.

Tessica Brown Height and Weight

Tessica Brown is about 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 68kg.

Tessica Brown Bio/Wikipedia

Full Name Tessica Brown
Nick Name Tessica (Gorilla Glue Girl)
Age 40 Years old
Gender Female
Birthplace Violet,Louisiana
Ethnicity Black, African
Net Worth $200-$300 USD
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Libra
Father Not Know
Mother Not Know
Husband Not Know
Siblings A Sister
Children 5( 3 Daughters,2 Sons)
Sons Names Quis and Big Blits
Hair ColourBlack
Eyes ColourBrown
Sexual Orientation Straight

Tessica Brown Early Life and Family

Tessica was born on October 20, 1981 in Violet, Louisiana. She lived in Violet for most of her childhood and got an education there before starting to work in a school as a teacher.

Tessica doesn’t talk about her childhood much, but sometimes she shares photos of her and her parents together. Her parents are both alive – her father is a retired military man and her mother has been a housewife all her life. Tessica is now over 40 years old.

Tessica Brown Update

People have been searching for Tessica Brown rip obituary online in recent days, and speculation about the cause of Tessica Brown’s death is circulating. At this time, the circumstances surrounding Tessica Brown’s death are still unclear and under investigation. Our thoughts are with Tessica Brown’s family and friends during this difficult time.

Tessica Brown Disease

The lumps discovered in “Gorilla Glue girl” Tessica Brown’s are reportedly not cancerous, according to her manager Gina Rodriguez.

The “Gorilla Glue girl” went viral for applying the powerful adhesive to her hair, and Rodriguez said Brown is thrilled with the results, which came back negative for the masses in each breast.

tessica brown passed away

It is generally more difficult to detect potentially cancerous lumps when a patient suffers from fibrocystic breast disease, she told the outlet.

A mammogram will therefore be required every six months for Brown, according to the report.

Tessica Brown Passed Away

It all started when Tessica Brown uploaded a video on her Tik Tok account using a heavy amount of gorilla glue to fix her hair when her hair spray ran out. She had no idea that this hair hack would cost her dearly.

A normal life was maintained by Tessica and her family in the United States. There was no tension or stress in her life. Her life was completely changed by the tragic incident that happened unexpectedly.

It’s been a month since Tessica uploaded her video from her im_d_ollady account on Tik Tok and she is still dealing with the repercussions.

To her surprise, Gorilla Glue Girl’s video became a sensation on social media. The girl in the video is trying to remove the glue from her hair after washing it a dozen times, using Tea Tree and coconut oil, and going to several doctors – all to no avail.

Tessica Hair Treatment

Her hair-dresser cuts off her long ponytail with kitchen scissors to relieve her pain in the video. Doctors had tried treating her hair for 22 long hours prior, even using Acetone on her scalp, but with no positive results; it only burnt her scalp.

Tessica Brown is seen crying in the video during a treatment of her hair. Tired of all these efforts, Tessica set up a GoFundMe initiative to raise money for the treatment. A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon claimed to help Tessica rescue her hair from the sticky glue.

Brown stated that she is thankful for what has happened and even if the Gorilla Glue incident never happened, she believes that something else would have put her in the spotlight eventually.

Brown said,”Life lessons were learned in this mistake,” Brown candidly shared. People need to know that Brown is alive and well, despite any rumours that they should not use Gorilla Glue on their hair. The pressure to answer everyone’s questions following her miscarriage has exhausted her due to her honesty about the incident.

Tessica Brown Surgery

Dr. Michael K. Obeng, a 47-year-old Harvard-trained American top plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills, California, performed a 4-hour surgery on Mrs. Tessica Brown after she mistakenly applied Gorilla Glue on her hair. Dr. Obeng charged $12,500 for the surgery after hearing of her condition from Mrs. Brown herself. 

In an interview with TMZ, Dr. Obeng explained that he had looked into the main ingredient in Gorilla Glue, polyurethane, and discovered how to break it down scientifically..”

He further explained that the job was accomplished after 4 hours of struggle using industrial glue remover, aloe vera, olive oil mixture, and acetone. 

Tessica Brown Net Worth

Our data collection efforts are focused on obtaining information about her actual net worth.  Taking a look at her fan followers across different social media platforms, her approximate net worth is between $100K and $1 million.

Tessica Brown Facebook

Followers        1.8k

Tessica Brown Instagram

Followers        569k

Tessica Brown TikTok

Followers        1.5 Millions

Tessica Brown YouTube

Subscribers         63.4k

Tessica Brown Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1 How many kids does Tessica Brown have?

Ans: According to TMZ, 40-year-old Brown is expecting her first child with fiancé Dewitt Madison. The baby on the way will join their family, which includes children from their previous relationships: Brown has five children and Madison has four. 

Q2 Is Tessica Brown alive?

Ans: Tessica Brown is alive and well. 

Q3 How do Tessica Brown remove Gorilla Glue from hair?

Ans: A mixture of olive oil and aloe vera is prepared, and then acetone is added.

Q4 Who is the Gorilla Glue girl?

Ans: Louisiana native Tessica Brown, who went viral after applying Gorilla Glue to her ponytail, has now shared that her hair is falling out in a new social media video. Brown’s original video led to many internet users wondering how she would solve the problem, with some even creating parody videos. In the new video, Brown shares that she is seeking medical help to deal with the issue.

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