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Net Worth

Sadie Crowell Net Worth, Age, Siblings, Merch, TikTok & Boyfriend

Sadie Crowell Net Worth

In this blog, we will discuss Sadie Crowell Net Worth, YouTube, Age, Merch, Boyfriend, TikTok, Siblings, and Husband. Let’s find out more about her love life, and husband.


An American YouTube star and TikTok star, Sadie Crowell has a strong following on both platforms. Sadie Crowell is mostly famous for her daily vlogs on her YouTube channel and her posts on her Instagram page. Some of her recent videos have gone viral.

The most recent video is about her new haircut and color. The video has garnered so many views and has been shared on her Instagram page and Sadie Crowell TikTok.

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 She is the daughter of a very famous, talented, and well-known actor named Johnny Depp. Apart from her father, Sadie has a beautiful and talented mother named Amber Heard.

Last year, Sadie dated a handsome famous American actor named Tommy Sotomayor.

Her YouTube channel is liked by youth and has over 1.2 million subscribers. You can follow her on her Instagram for the latest updates. Sadie Crowell net worth on YouTube Channel is about $5k to $80.8k.

Bio Sadie Crowell

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Sadie Crowell age/famous birthday

As a popular YouTuber and Vlogger, Sadie Crowell is an attractive 18-year-old born on 21 August 2003 in Cunning, Georgia.

Sadie Crowell Height and Weight

Sadie Crowell’s weight is 55 kg and her Height is 5 feet 6 inches.

Education of Sadie Crowell

Sadie is a teenager and studied at West Forsyth High School but new updates about her study are not now.

Sadie Crowell College

New updates about her college study not now.

Sadie Crowell Twitter

Sadie Crowell joined Twitter in April 2020 and there Sadie has more than 12k fan followers and they increase day by day.

You can visit now Sadie Crowell’s Twitter profile here

Sadie Crowell Zodiac

Sadie Crowell’s Zodiac sign is Leo

Sadie Crowell Age

Sadie Crowell Instagram

On Instagram Sadie Crowell has a large number of fans following 491k on 215 posts. She shared her photos.

You can visit now Sadie Crowell’s Instagram profile here

Sadie Crowell YouTube

Sadie Crowell is a most favorite celebrity and she became a member of the YouTube family on April 5, 2018, and fetched about 931k subscribers on her channel. Her first video was released in June 2019,[ I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE DID THIS]. She gained 398k views on her channel on that article.

Sadie shared interesting Vlogs with her mother and family. Moreover, she shared pranks on her channel. Sadie Crowell’s Q/A-based video I HAVE A BOYFRIEND gained 460k, uploaded on 25 June 2021.

You can visit now Sadie Crowell’s YouTube Channel here

Sadie Crowell Tik Tok

Sadie is really active on her social media profiles and updates her followers about her daily routine and activities . 

She makes TikTok videos mostly with her friends and family. Sadie gets a large number of fans about 1.2M  through TikTok and likes more than 78.9M.

You can visit now Sadie Crowell TikTok profile here

 Sadie Crowell Net Worth & Awards

Sadie Crowell Net Worth is rounded from about in a year is $300k to $400k.Her earnings from YouTube are about $5k to $80.8k. By selling her own products and making videos to promote brands, Sadie increases her income. 

Sadie Crowell TikTok followers in Number Subscribers Count

Sadie Crowell Phone Number


Sadie Crowell House Address

Cumming, Georgia

Sadie Crowell Email Id

Sadie Crowell Website

Sadie Crowell’s subscriber count

Instagram id            

Number of followers           387k

YouTube channel

Numbers of subscribers      845k  

Twitter id     

 Number of followers          11.3k 

TikTok Account

Twitter followers in Number 1.1 Million 

Sadie Crowell boyfriend

Sadie is really focused on her career and open-minded girl. Now there is so much news on social media about her relationship with a YouTuber star Baylen Levine and Ford her friend.

But she is very clear in her personal and professional life.

She likes to spend her time with her family and make Tik Tok videos.

Sadie Crowell Siblings

Sadie Crowell lives in Cumming, Georgia, the US with her family. 

Her dad  Lester and mother Kelley and two siblings younger brother Cooper and elder brother Wyatt are making videos with Sadie. Mostly Vlogs are based on Sadie and her mother’s interesting conversations.

Sadie Crowell Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is Sadie like pets?

Ans. Yes, she has a white cat and a dog.

Q2. Where does Sadie Crowell live?

Ans. Sadie Crowell lives with her family in Cumming, Georgia, United States.

Q3. Is Sadie engaged?

Ans. No.she is not engaged.

Q4. What ethnicity is Sadie Crowell?

Ans. Crowell is of Sadie’s white ethnicity. She is of American nationality.

Q5. What is Sadie Crowell’s Snapchat?

Ans. No, Sadie is not on Snapchat.

Q6. How did Sadie Crowell get famous?

Ans. Sadie Crowell’s videos are based on her daily lifestyle and people like her Vlogs for example cooking and traveling are very entertaining. She gained more popularity on TikTok videos fans kie her dance moves and actions.

Q7. What is Sadie Crowell’s Instagram?

Ans. Yes, Sadie Crowell on Instagram (@wasthattmi). On Instagram there are so many of her photos and videos.

Q8. How long does Sadie Crowell merch take to ship?

 Ans. Sadie Crowell merch takes to ship Within 4 to 5 days only.

Q9. Who are Sadie’s boyfriends?

Ans. Ford and Baylen Levine.

Q10. What is Sadie Crowell’s Birthday?

Ans. Sadie Crowell’s Birthday is 21 August 2003.

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