Robin Dole Net Worth, Age, Father, Wiki, Marriage, Profession

Robin Dole Net Worth

 We will discuss Robin Dole net worth, age, family background, biography, professional life, and her father, Bob Dole because people are curious about this personality.

This blog post will talk about US political figure Robin Dole. Her father, Robert Joseph Dole, better known as Bob Dole, is a politician and advocate. 

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Robin Early Life:

Bob and his first wife, Phyllis Holden, had one daughter, Robin Dole, who is now 67. Robin Dole grew up in Kansas and Washington D.C

Dole’s first wife, a therapist who helped him heal from his wounds in World War II, gave birth to their daughter, Robin Dole. After Bob Dole was first elected to Congress in 1960, she and her family uprooted from Kansas and relocated to a Virginia suburb with Bob.

She had a very positive experience growing up. They spent much time together as a family, including playing ping pong, attending church, and hanging out at an amusement park.

“I remember riding the roller coaster. “He was singing and laughing, and we were scared to death,” she recalls. “It’s hard to believe, but he was really a pretty normal father.”

Yet Dole frequently skipped gatherings. The legend goes that when Robin asked her dad if she could get her ears pierced, he checked a box and said, “maybe.” But she now claims that, in retrospect, Dole was a caring parent.

“We were able to spend a lot of time together, although he worked,” she recalled.

There were several memorable occasions, including lunches at the White House with President Nixon when Robin was 13 and a two-week European vacation where she made her first journey to the Italian hamlet where Dole was injured in 1945. Robin learned to drive from Dole since her mother was too anxious.

They split up when Robin was a senior in high school. The former Mrs. Dole has attended previous Dole campaign events to show that the breakup was amicable, contrary to rumors that suggested otherwise.

A child’s greatest wish is for their parents to remain united. Sadly, they were not content. To put it simply, they drifted apart.

Robin Traveling

She frequently travels to Topeka, Kansas, to see her mother, happily married to her third husband. According to Norma Jean Steele, Dole’s sister, the relationship between Dole and her mother has always been quite strong.

Steele writes, “Robin enjoys the company of others, but her strongest emotional bond is with her mother.” Dole tries to make plans for Robin to stay the night with her mom in Kansas.

During her parent’s separation, Robin Dole enrolled in Virginia Tech’s psychology program. She would visit her dad at the Watergate apartment he lived with Elizabeth Dole whenever she had a break from school.

“He let me make decisions and be on my own,” she reflects. And he’d keep tabs on me and suggest that I might go home a bit sooner from work.

According to Robin, she attracted Elizabeth right away when her father began seeing the lady she now calls her stepmother. This has led to regular Sunday brunch and dinner get-togethers among the three Doles.

“I knew immediately that I liked her, and I was judging her on one basic thing: did she care about my father?” she recalled.

Robin Dole Wikipedia/Bio

Full Name Robin Dole
Age 67 Years Old
ProfessionDaughter of Bob Dole, dean at

Widener University
Marital StatusSingle
Famous AsBob Dole's daughter
Net WorthOver $5 million
ResidenceWashington, D.C.

Professional Life:

 She attended Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech) and got a degree in psychology. 

After college, Robin Dole worked as a secretary for a year, then as a lobbyist for an oil company, before being hired in 1981 to lobby for a real estate company, Century 21.

She has served numerous jobs at Widener University during her career. She has also worked as a lobbyist for an oil company after serving a year as a secretary for the Republican National Committee.

Robin later became a lobbyist for the real estate firm Century 21 in 1981. Ultimately, she resigned from her position as chairperson in December 1995. Robin oversaw a political action committee that donated $3000 to Senator Dole in addition to her lobbying responsibilities.

Although she has no official title other than “daughter of the candidate,” Robin Dole left her position at Century 21 in December 1995 to assist her father’s campaign. The metro area surrounding Washington, D.C, is where Robin Dole resides.

In addition to lobbying for Century 21, Robin Dole ran the Political Action Committee, which contributed Senator Dole $3,000 during the 1991-1992 election cycle (she claims not to have discussed business with her father.) 

Over the years, Robin Dole has worked at the Republican National Committee and an oil company before starting up a Washington office for Century 21 real estate. She remained until last year when the company folded its Washington operation.

Her current focus is on electing her father as President of the United States. She just finished her master’s degree in psychology and wants to help young people. For the past two and a half years, she has volunteered once a week at a center for troubled young women.

Sheard: “It took me four or five months to figure out that she was Bob Dole’s daughter.” She has a unique personality, apart from her dad’s.

Bob Dole

Robin Dole Age:

She entered this world on October 15, 1954. (age 67). Robin Dole, the only child of Bob Dole and Phyllis Holden, grew up in Kansas and Washington, DC.

 Robin Dole Net Worth:

It is estimated that Robin Dole, Bob Dole’s daughter, is worth more than $5 million. It is assumed that Robin’s principal source of income is her position as Dean of the College of Health and Human Services at Widener University.

She’s been here since January of 2018; she started that month. If the average pay for a college dean is $93,837 per year, as reported by Payscale, then Robin Dole’s fortune is likely to be approximately $5 million.

Despite her famous father, Robin was mostly a nobody during his lifetime. Robin’s life has been quite typical, and her academic performance has been below par because she prioritized hanging out with her friends above doing homework.

Ever since she was five years old, she wore a homemade shirt that proclaimed, “I’m for my daddy, are you?” Dole has been actively supporting her father’s political campaigns.

Ms. Dole, who currently resides in an Alexandria townhouse, was devoted to her father, his cause, and his political campaigns.

Robin Dole Husband:

Due to Robin’s notoriously secretive nature, there is little public knowledge regarding her private life. In her Instagram bio, she claims to be a mother of twins, though it is unclear if she is married.

Robin Dole dedicates her spare time to helping disturbed adolescent females in a shelter she founded. She completed her master’s degree in psychology just lately. She’s never tied the knot before but hopes to one day.

She said this while having coffee with Dole’s campaign staff at the presidential candidate’s headquarters: “I’ve spent my whole life trying to forge my way.” I strive to keep a low profile since I’m content with my life and don’t want anything to disrupt it.

She is devoting her undivided attention to her father’s current political effort. She even went so far as to call it “our family business.”

When she was a tiny girl on the campaign trail, Robin donned a dress with an “I’m for my daddy” elephant patch. She now travels around giving speeches to groups like civic organizations and senior citizen events. She combines anecdotes about her time with Dole with a campaign speech highlighting his platform points.

Bob Dole Wiki (Robin Dole’s Father):

Dole, also known as Robert Joseph Dole, was born in Russell, Kansas, and earned a degree in Pre-Law from the University of Kansas. After that, he went to the University of Arizona College of Law and graduated with a J.D.

In World war ii —, he was critically wounded in Italy by German gunfire from machine guns. Later, After his miraculous recovery, the hospital where he was cared for got his name in honor of his accomplishment.

In 1950, he won a seat in the Kansas City House of Representatives. Then in 1960, he was elected to the United States of America House of Representatives. In 1987, he was elected as the Senate Minority Leader, and in 1995 and 1996, he was elected as the Senate Majority Leader.

Bob unsuccessfully pursued the Republican candidacy for president in 1980 and 1988. Even after winning the nomination in 1996, he lost the election to Bill Clinton.

 In addition to his time as governor, H served as a U.S. senator for Kansas from 1969 to 1996. During Gerald Ford’s unsuccessful 1976 presidential campaign, he was Mr. Ford’s choice for Vice President.

Dole ran for president of the United States as the Republican Party’s nominee in 1996, losing to incumbent Democrat Bill Clinton. In the presidential election of 1976, he ran as a vice presidential candidate. 

However, the conservative Republican leader in the United States Senate, Bob, passed away on December 5, 2021, at 98. 

Bob Dole Net Worth:

Together with his wife, Elizabeth Dole, they had a total net worth of $40 million.

 Bob had a $148,000 annual income as a Senator, plus speaking fees of $10,000 per year and retirement benefits of $18,660.

On the other side, Elizabeth earned well over $100,000 annually from speaking engagements.  She gave a large no of her salary to the American Red Cross.

Robin Dole Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who is Bob Dole’s daughter?

A: Bob Dole and his first wife, Phyllis Holden, had one daughter, Robin Dole.

Q: Did Tom Hanks speak at Bob Dole’s funeral?

A: At a ceremony held on Friday at the World War II Memorial, speakers, including Tom Hanks, paid respect to Bob.

Q: Where will Bob Dole be laid to rest?

A: Bob Dole, a prominent American politician, was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Q: How old is Robin Dole?

A: It is her 67th year of life.

Q: Who is Robin Dole’s mother?

A: In June 1948, Bob Dole wed Phyllis Holden; they divorced in 1972. her birth mother is Phyllis Holden.

Q. Who is Robin Dole?

A:  Robin Dole is the only daughter of the late politician and former Republican Leader of the US Senate, Robert “Bob” Dole.

Q. What is Robin Dole net worth?

A: Robin Dole, the dean of Widener University’s College of Health and Human Services and a woman with an estimated net worth of more than $5 million, 

Q. Is Robin Dole married?

A: Robin Dole is a well-known reclusive who has never made any statements about her marital status, but she does include the phrase “Mom of twins” in her Instagram account.

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