Maneet Chauhan Net Worth, Age, Family, Restaurants, Chopped, Wiki

Maneet Chauhan Net Worth

In this blog post, we will discuss Maneet Chauhan net worth, age, educational and professional background, husband, children, and other information related to this personality because people worldwide are curious about her skills and abilities.

An American of Indian ancestry, Maneet Chauhan is a celebrity chef and judge on the hit Food Network show Chopped.

Early Life: 

This excellent Indian cook is from Ludhiana, Punjab, India, and is a devout Sikh. She came into the world on October 27, 1976.

Determined to make a name for herself in culinary cuisine, she enrolled in Manipal University, one of India’s most prestigious institutions, to study hotel management.

Maneet eventually relocated to New York so she could further her education at the Culinary Institute of America.

She has accomplished a great deal in the field of cuisine, making her a famous figure in the field. Maneet has gone from a night-and-day worker to the chief chef of her restaurant to a judge on cooking competition shows.

Maneet’s tireless efforts have paid off, and she is now well recognized as a leading figure in the culinary world.

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Quick Bio of Maneet Chauhan:

Full NameManeet Chauhan
Date Of BirthOctober 27, 1976,
Age 42 Years Old
Zodiac SignScorpio
Net Worth$3 million
Marital StatusMarried
Current ResidenceNew York City

Professional Life:

Maneet Chauhan’s interest in food and cooking began very early. She began her culinary “adventure” in India, where she excelled in the kitchen and graduated first in her class from the Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, the country’s premier culinary and hotel management institution.

After gaining experience as an intern at some of India’s most prestigious hotels and restaurants, including the Taj Group, Oberoi Hotels, and Le Meridien, she moved to the United States to attend The Culinary Institute of America, where she graduated at the top of her class.

Gaining familiarity with the East’s sophisticated dining scene was essential before venturing west to Chicago. She started out competing against forty male cooks for the role of executive chef.

 Chef Chauhan was so successful that he was hired to launch a new restaurant called Vermilion. When Rohini Dey and her New York and Chicago kitchen staff created their signature Indian-Latin fusion food, she was at the forefront as Vermilion’s executive chef, seeing everything through to perfection.

During Chef Chauhan’s tenure, the restaurant received numerous awards, such as “Best New Restaurant” by Chicago magazine, “Restaurant of the Month” by Esquire, and “Best New Restaurant in the United States” by Wine Enthusiast.

Restaurant New Branch

Following its success in London, Vermilion set its sights on New York City and opened a similarly magnificent branch in the middle of Manhattan. The restaurant’s success was quickly recognized when Time Out New York named Chef Chauhan its Best Import.

Chef Chauhan left her post as the head of Vermilion’s kitchens in New York and Chicago to start her innovative restaurant and hospitality business, Indie Culinaire. She has quickly become a revered personality in the culinary world, a fixture at major industry events, and a go-to volunteer for top-tier charitable organizations. 

Chef Chauhan is the first and only Indian woman to compete in Masterchef and a fierce competitor on The Next Iron Chef, Chef Chauhan is now a full-time judge on the critically acclaimed Food Network show Chopped.

Chopped has been nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award, and Chef Chauhan has been honored with the James Beard Award for Excellence.

 Chef Chauhan was invited to instruct the international cast of ABC’s The View in the art of Indian cooking, further proving her status as an authority on Indian cuisine and spices, largely thanks to her appearances on Chopped. 

In addition, Chef Chauhan was the sole chef invited to the inaugural Indiaspora Presidential Ball held in honor of President Obama’s reelection.

Maneet Chauhan Publications:

For those in the Nashville, Tennessee, area, she established Chauhan Ale And Masala House in 2014.

After introducing Flavors of My World in 2013, Maneet finally got her cookbook. 

She has worked tirelessly on a new cookbook and a trademark spice collection. Her dedication to studying, testing, traveling, and experimentation has propelled her to the forefront of innovative cooking. Her enthusiasm, originality, and confidence to pursue her dream in the kitchen have been essential to her achievement.

She has appeared in such periodicals as:

NoThe Telegraph
1Bon Appétit
2Times Of India
3Food & Wine
4New York Post
5New York Time
6Wall Street Journal
7USA Today
8Wine Enthusiast
9The Local Palate
India Food Network Chef

Maneet Chauhan Net Worth:

Similarly, her time spent on television has boosted her wealth. She also has an equal portion of her husband’s wealth.

For the most part, Chef Chauhan’s fortune came from running her restaurants. Maneet also benefits monetarily from publishing her book, “Flavors of My World: A Culinary Tour Through 25 Countries.”

In addition, you may have seen her on the show Worst Cooks in America. Maneet is a regular judge on Food Network’s Chopped and has appeared on Iron Chef and The Next Iron Chef.

Because of this, Indian American chef Maneet Chauhan net worth is likely $3 million.  Executive chef salaries and restaurant earnings provide the bulk of her income.

Who is Vivek Deora?

Maneet’s husband, the world-renowned chef and restaurateur Vivek Deora has worked in eight countries and is the proud owner of twenty-three restaurants.

Originally from Jaipur, India, Vivek was born to a medical family. But he had little interest in learning from books or following in his father’s footsteps as a doctor. Instead of studying, he spent much time working at coffee shops.

Despite this, he finished his undergraduate studies at Manipal University before making his way to England to enroll in graduate school. Vivek anticipated working in a series of world-class hotels in eight different locations.

As early as 24, Vivek had established himself as the head of a 28,000-square-foot food manufacturing enterprise with more than a hundred workers, demonstrating his mastery of the food and hospitality industries.

Maneet Husband Vivek

Vivek met his future wife, Maneet, while attending Manipal University, where he earned a degree in hospital management. His main claim to fame is as a co-founder of the successful Nashville hospitality company Morph Hospitality Group. Maneet and Vivek’s love story is shrouded in mystery, although they married in 2007.

It is said that a husband and wife are like two sides of a coin. Behind every empire that Maneet establishes, there is Chauhan’s husband and partner, Vivek Deora, who supports along in her shadow.

Maneet has found her soul mate in Vivek, who is as well-groomed as she is (he sports a mustache and neatly trimmed beard) and shares her drive to succeed in the culinary world.

Both of them had demanding professional schedules, and Nashville was often where they could catch up with one another. The Morph Hospitality Group was founded and is owned by them as well as other partners they gathered along the road.

The pair strives to make time for one another despite their busy schedules, but they often fail. In the meantime, Maneet is hard at work on the hit reality show Chopped, while Vivek is out developing restaurants worldwide.

Maneet Chauhan Siblings:

Maneet is the proud parent of a baby angel and a cute little boy. The eldest girl in the family is named Shagun, while the youngest child is known as Karma.

The family makes a regular spectacle on social media while creating yet another hilarious culinary disaster and recalling yet another fond memory from their time together.

Maneet Chauhan Weight loss

we adore the Chopped panelists. Maneet Chauhan is one of our favorite judges since she has much positive energy and sound counsel to offer the contestants. 

Maneet recently chose to channel some of that enthusiasm into weight loss, and (as with so many of her initiatives) she has been wildly successful.

In an interview with Parade, Maneet explained that her motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle stemmed from a desire to set an example for her children. “I was sending them the message that it’s OK to be overweight and not take care of yourself,” she said.

Maneet was unable to follow a normal diet because of her profession as a chef. I work in the food industry, so diets that are too rigorous for me are out of the question, she explained, so I could never try keto or paleo. 

Right on! Maneet opted to use an app to keep track of the number of calories she consumed rather than restrict the kinds of food she ate. For example, “I kept within 1,200 calories a day, which would start with me tracking my two glasses of wine and two pieces of chocolate, so I knew what was left,” she added.

All of that hard work has paid off for Maneet. She lost 40 pounds as a result of her efforts—mission accomplished! But that’s far from the only thing Maneet has accomplished over the past few years.

Besides being a frequent competitor on Chopped, Maneet has been hard at work on her next cookbook, Chaat: Recipes from the Kitchens, Markets, and Railways of India, which was scheduled for release in October 2020.

She was exposed to cuisines from India on a cross-country train journey, and those experiences served as the basis for the book. In addition, she and her husband are Nashville restaurant owners. 

 Chauhan Ale And Masala House:

In the vibrant Nashville, Tennessee, cuisine scene, Chauhan Ale and Masala House are committed to providing something truly special to their customers. Indian-born co-owner and executive chef Maneet Chauhan’s love of travel and Southern cooking have harmoniously merged to create a menu.

It showcases the best of Indian food worldwide, including dishes that pay homage to the cuisines of Mumbai and New Delhi in addition to Nashville.

Chauhan Ale And Masala House
Chauhan Ale And Masala House

The beverage program at Chauhan Ale and Masala House is just as impressive as the restaurant’s food, with wines and spirits from all over the world, inventive cocktails, and a wide selection of beers including Mantra Artisan Ales chosen for their ability to complement Chef Maneet’s inventive menu.

Despite having only opened its doors in November 2014, the Chauhan Ale And Masala House have already established itself as a leader in its field and a fan favorite among both residents and visitors.

Numerous publications, including USA Today, The Huffington Post, Food Network, Travel + Leisure, Delta Sky, Playboy, Garden & Gun, The Tennessean, Nashville Scene, Eater Nashville, Zagat, and Open Table, have recognized the restaurant for its excellence.

Indian Food Network Chef

As a member of the Indiaspora, she was invited to the organization’s inaugural forum in September 2012, where she spoke with more than a hundred influential Indian Americans. The three days of programming at the Forum were meant to motivate attendees and give them a voice to discuss issues of mutual importance.

Indian Food Network Chef

Obama and First Lady Meshalle invited Chauhan to the White House for the annual Easter Egg Roll Hunt in 2014.

Former student and current Culinary Institute of America Ambassador Chef Chauhan spoke at the associate degree ceremony in Hyde Park. She was also honored for “Distinguished Service to the Foodservice and Hospitality Industry.

Maneet Chauhan Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q: When was Maneet Chauhan born?

A: Chauhan was born in Ludhiana, Punjab, on 27 October 1976.

What is the age of Maneet Chauhan?

A: She is 42 years old.

Q: How many restaurants does Maneet Chauhan own?

A: She owns four successful restaurants in the Music City:

Chauhan Ale And Masala House,

 Indian street food restaurant Chaatable,

 Chinese restaurant Tansuo and modern diner The Mockingbird.

 Suppers on Sundays will be served at 1799 Kitchen & Cocktails, located within the Harpeth Hotel. 

Q: Did Maneet Chauhan have a baby?

A: There are two cute children in her family, a daughter, and a son.

Q: What breweries does Maneet Chauhan own?

A: Both Mantra Artisan Ales and Steel Barrel Brewing Company produce beer for local consumption. Next, there’s the 86-acre Hop Springs Brewing Company in Murfreesboro.

Q: Does Maneet Chauhan have a restaurant in NYC?

A: Rohini Dey, a restaurateur, and Maneet Chauhan, the executive chef, own a restaurant in Chicago called Vermilion.

Q: Does Maneet Chauhan have a child?

A: She and her husband Vivek Deora have two children, Shagun, 9, and Karma, 6.

Q: Who is Maneet Chauhan husband?

A: She is wed to Vivek Deora, a successful restaurateur, and chef who has opened 23 restaurants in 8 countries. 

Q: How long has Maneet Chauhan been married?

A: The couple met during college at Manipal, and they married later. 15 years have passed since she married her husband. 

Q: Who owns Chauhan Ale and Masala?

A: Maneet Chauhan is the owner of Chauhan Ale And Masala House,

Q: What restaurant does Maneet Chauhan own in Chicago?

A: The popular Chauhan Ale And Masala House in Nashville, Tennessee, is run by the Morph Hospitality Group, which was started in 2016.

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