An Informative Guide on How Long to Drive After Reset Computer To Pass Emission Test

How Long to Drive After Reset Computer To Pass Emission Test

If you want to pass an emissions test and avoid a hefty fine, it’s essential to know how long you need to drive after reset computer to pass the emissions test. The good news is no matter what type of car or truck you drive; it can take some time before you can safely conduct another emission test. So how much time is enough? Well, we got you covered. Let’s read on for all the details!

How Long To Drive After Reset Computer To Pass Emission Test?

Drive After Reset Computer to Pass Emission Test
Drive After Reset Computer to Pass Emission Test

To prepare for the emission test, you must drive your car for a specific time. The amount required may vary in different situations. It all depends on how you go, as several mandatory criteria ensure the car’s computer displays the correct readings for various sensors during the test. Some vehicles are ready to be tested after about 50 miles; others need more driving time (100-200 miles) before they are entirely safe.

The reason for this difference depends on various factors monitored by the safety system in your vehicle. Your vehicle can equip with 11 readiness monitors, which are responsible for the accuracy of emission values. How these monitor works are highly dependent on the make and model of your car, leading to variations in the car.

Why Does Your Car Need Resetting?

Here are some reasons which will tell why your car needs resetting:

To Pass Carbon Inspection

There are two reasons you might want to reset your car. The first is that the state requires your vehicle to pass a carbon inspection. If you don’t see an error code on testing, it means that there is no problem with how much pollution comes from the exhaust of a particular car model during everyday use. But if the test center tells you that your car failed the inspection because the computer hasn’t been reset, you might wonder how close your car computer is to resetting and scanning all your systems.

For Ensuring Car’s Health

Another reason to reset your car can be related to its condition. First, did a mechanic tell you something is wrong with your vehicle? Resetting will ensure that what they tell you is accurate and not just an attempt to overcharge for service or parts. Sometimes there are also problems with code triggers.

Your car’s computer might send you a different code, though there’s nothing wrong with that. In that case, reset the machine and see if the same error occurs again. If the same code appears again, there is some error in the related section. However, if it doesn’t submit the code after a complete check, there’s no reason to change this part. Now you know how long to drive after reset computer to pass emission test.

Factors Needed To Pass Emission Tests

Here are some factors which you need to pass the emission test:

  • Check that the engine warning light and OBD connection are working.
  • The Check Engine warning light is off.
  • The installed OBD-II system monitor is complete.

Did you decide to do an emission test right after cleaning and resetting the “Check Engine” light and OBD-II monitor? Chances are you won’t pass because this monitor takes time to work. So how many miles should you drive after the check engine light resets? You may have to drive it for a few more days, and first, all the error codes reappear as they appear. Now you know how long does it take for a car computer to reset.

If they reappear, call them and keep driving until your car is “quite ready” for an emissions test; If not at this stage of readiness, there is a chance that your car will fail automatically! You can also test drive your car before the inspection to ensure it passes without any problems. The steps are easy to follow:

  • Connect to the OBDLink app on your phone.
  • Choose ‘Monitors.’
  • Open the menu icon in the top right corner and choose the state you want to check.
  • Now you know your car’s condition as a ‘Not Ready’ warning or a “Ready” green check will appear automatically on your screen.
Wrapping Up

Did our post help you understand why you need to reset your car and how long you need to drive after resetting your computer to pass the emissions test? We hope that the details we have provided work well for you. Moreover, you also now know how long does it take for a computer to reset. Generally, keeping your car in good condition is always advisable. It ensures you can drive as long as possible without breaking down and risking the lives of yourself or other drivers on the road!

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