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Home With Keki Interior Design Blogger


I wanted to share a home staging company with you because Keki and her team are so good at what they do. Home with Keki interior design blogger shares some honest tips on decorating your home and remodelling your house. This blog is a wonderful source of interior design inspiration, valuable information, and great advice.

The online presence of the home staging company “Home with Keki” is strong on social media, as well as the presence of a popular interior design blog on the company’s website.

People who are enthusiastic about their home’s interior design will find this blog home with keki interior design blogger to be extremely useful. In addition to being well regarded on social media, “Home with Keki” offers a well-read interior design blog.

Interior Design Blog Content

You may have seen some social media posts lately about changes or updates to my blog. During my week off at the end of 2017, I was able to refocus the topics on the interior design blog to make them more consistent, give more tutorials, and be more personal.

My client load has been pretty heavy lately but I’ve been working with some extra hands and it’s been great. The blog will also feature a few personal posts in 2018 as I attempt to lose weight through a diet and healthy lifestyle.

I’m excited for you all to see what this means for my business and hope that you continue to share your thoughts with me on what you want to see more of and how often.

I’m going to explain what you can expect here on the blog and when I plan to do it. I started this blog because I wanted to provide home staging tips for sellers, and every Monday I will post about how to become a successful home stager.

keki interior design
Home With Keki Interior Design Blogger

I want to offer a home staging course as an e-course this spring. On Tuesdays, there will be a live video tutorial with the Monday home staging posts. YUP, we are getting all fancy up here. I will post the live video on my Facebook page. It was nice to see the results of helping people after doing two of them.

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Home Decorating Ideas From Home With Keki Interior Design Blogger

Here are some ideas for decorating a home from Keki interior design blogger.

Replace The Shower Curtain

Luxury shower curtains are often the first things that draw a buyer’s attention into a bathroom. You should make sure that you replace your shower curtains every few years to ensure that your shower remains functional and functional. You should also replace your shower curtains for reasons of comfort and health.

Replace Your Shower Curtain

The most important thing to remember when it comes to replacing your shower

Plant In A Pot

Faux plants may be used to create stylish décor at a minimal cost. Choose from a variety of faux plants and arrange them on stands or in custom-made pots to create an attractive arrangement.

As a result, artificial plants have a tendency to stand out from their natural counterparts, thus making them very suitable for use in modern interiors. The artificial plants are mostly used as accent pieces in homes as well as for garden décor. 

Set Up Sales Alerts

If you are looking for an item that you have your heart set on but can’t afford, keep an eye out for sales. There are literally hundreds of prominent brands whose products you can put on sale alerts on websites. If the price of the item drops, you will receive an email notification.

When a participating retailer, such as Amazon or Macy’s, offers a sale or returns an item to stock, you will be notified by email.

Getting To Know Cecilia

Cecilia founded her home staging business more than ten years ago, but she soon surpassed her interior designing business. She is a designer as well as a mom and she runs an interiors website called Home with Keki.”.

She blogs about decorating, home makeovers and paint, market updates and design tips. Cecilia used her blog as a marketing tool and eventually added it to her professional website when clients began associating her with her blog.

Home With Keki Interior Design Blogger

Design Resources

As her blog became more popular, Celia learned how to be a better writer and researcher. She uses digital tricks to bump up her posts in Google searches and takes the process very seriously — although it is a lot of fun.

Recently, she wrote about the Datacolor ColorReaderPro, a fascinating tool that quickly matches colour on any texture with paints from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr and half a dozen other paint companies. She spent a lot of time trying to match customer’s preferences with paints.

McGee Studio Is An Interior Design Studio With A Full Range Of Services

McGee, a stay-at-home mom, started her business in public relations. She quickly realised that she wanted to focus on design and built a waiting list of clients. Today, the full-service design studio has 3.1 million Instagram followers and has grown from two designers to more than 200.

The company’s success is evident from its ability to integrate and grow its business across all of its different departments and platforms.

The Home Of Keki Adhikari Is Currently Being Renovated.

Keki Adhikari is a home designer with a popular blog Home with keki interior design blogger. She covers topics like interior design trends and decorating tips, as well as custom home design for national brands. Adhikari is also a brand ambassador for several national brands. Her followers number over 572K on Instagram.

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