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Hitman Holla Net Worth, Age, Profession, Girlfriend, Fights, Close Friends

Hitman Holla Net Worth

In this article, we will discuss Hitman Holla net worth, age, date of birth, fights, girlfriend, marriage, and other details about him. This post has covered everything you need to know about him.

Hitman Holla has been competing since 2008. Hitman Holla, whose real name is Gerald Fulton, Jr., is best known for participating in the SMACK/ URL rap circuit. His appearances on Wild n’ Out, which spanned seasons 6–16, contributed to his meteoric ascent to fame.

 Additionally, the native of St. Louis has appeared in Fight Klub and Battle America. At the beginning of his career, Hitman was a battle rapper, but he has since become one of the world’s most well-known and popular performers.

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Hitman Early Life:

Gerald Fulton Jr., aka “Hitman Holla,” was born on March 29, 1988, to African-American parents in St. Louis, Missouri. His father is Gerald Fulton Senior, and his mother is Sue Fulton. 

His younger sibling, also named Show out, is aspiring to be a combat rapper, and the two grew up together. His sibling Show out became famous after one of his rap battle videos went viral on the video-sharing website WorldStarHipHop.

Hitman Holla then continued his schooling at California State University, Northridge, on a full scholarship. He played a lot of basketball in college, but his passion for sports faded as he developed an appreciation for rap and launched his career.

Quick Bio Of Hitman Holla:

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Hitman Holla Professional Life:

Hitman’s original career goal was to become a professional basketball player, but he eventually shifted his focus to rap. X-Factor and Murda Mook, two combat rappers, influenced him with their aggressive vocal style and stunning rhymes, and he began to aspire to a similar career.

As a youngster, he developed a love for rap music and began to sing. The first person he faced up against after joining the flight club league was Remy D. After he beat Bill Collector, he gained widespread recognition.

Since then, he’s been in several rap fights, including Battle America and SMACK URL. Over time, he honed his abilities and rose to prominence. Since then, he’s been making a name for himself by consistently concluding games with either “Ball Game” or “Yett Yett,” preferably both.

Battle American Fight Club

After threatening to knock up fellow club member Norb, he was expelled from Battle American Fight Club. The sixth season of Wild N’ Out marked his debut alongside the rest of the cast as he became the second Battle rapper to do so after Conceited.

In October, he shared the music video for the tune “Diddly Diddly,” which featured the rapping talent of Jeff. He was just in Shell, a film Nick Cannon directed and co-wrote.

His rise to prominence and maturation as a rapper coincided with his victory over Bill Collector, who had been a significant obstacle in his way. A central turning point in Himan’s career was when he started competing in battle leagues like Battle America and SMACK/URL.

His fights on these programs gained even more notoriety and popularity.

Hitman has competed in and won rap battle leagues against many well-known lyricists, including Math Hoffa, Goodz, Arsonal, Conceited, and Hollow Da Don. He had some success in rap battles, but he also lost a few times.

Hitman Holla Age:

He was born on March 29th, 1988, and is now 34.

Hitman Holla Height:

Hitman Holla is 1.77 m (5 feet 10 inches) tall and weighs roughly 80 kg or 176 pounds.

Hitman Holla Teeth
Hitman Holla Net Worth

Hitman Holla Net Worth:

Hitman Holla’s estimated net worth in 2022 is around $3 million. He has established himself as one of the most famous battle rappers in the world and has already amassed a substantial salary income.

His projected battle fee is $30,000,000.Hitman Holla’s diversified income stream includes performance fees, merchandising, acting, and more.

He’s been in the movies “She Ball” and “Games People Play” and has his clothing brand called “Ball Game.”

Hitman Holla’s massive wealth is a direct result of his many accomplishments.

Hitman began loving the basketball game but acquired a new passion for music. So he went all-in on rapping, and now he’s one of the finest battle rappers ever and has built an empire of money.

Hitman Holla GirlFriend:

Hitman Holla has a girlfriend named Cinnamon who is the spokesperson for Lash U Studio. Together, they have a YouTube channel where they talk about their lives, and he frequently shares pictures of her on his many social media profiles. 

Although Holla has a kid named Geremiah Fulton, he has not revealed the identity of the woman who gave birth to his son.

Hitman Holla Singer And Actor:

On 11 June 2013, Hitman dropped his debut single titled Ball Game. The cost of the CD is around 8.91 dollars and is available on Amazon.

 After three years of break, Hitman teamed up with rapper Jeff to release his other song Diddy Dum Dum.

He’s also acted in the upcoming 2020 movie “She Ball,” in addition to his musical ventures.

Hitman Holla is an actor and rapper who has risen to prominence as a regular on the sketch comedy series Wiley ‘N Out, which airs on MTV, VH1, and MTV2.

Hitman Holla And Cinnamon Video:

Hitman Holla Video and his girlfriend, Cinnamon, has just gone viral online. Because of this, he is the subject of widespread interest on the web right now. It has been claimed by supporters of rapper Hitman Holla that he submitted the video currently trending on social media to Snapchat as part of his “Close Friends” story.

Close Friends Feature:

There’s a video of the two engaging in sexual activity, and it’s caused an online storm.

Recently, Wild-N-Out member Hitman Holla uploaded a sexually explicit video of himself and his partner, Cinnamon. It was he who uploaded this video. He said on social media why he posted and how it was leaked: “Would never disrespect my girl and publish something she didn’t agree with or enjoy what sense does it make…”

The x-rated clip featuring Hitman Holla and his lover Cinnamon has received much attention on Twitter, according to enthusiasts who have investigated the viral video. Supposedly, Hitman Holla ensured that only his closest contacts saw his private film before releasing it.

As the story goes, Hitman Holla’s sex life is open for business to his Instagram followers, who are also his closest buddies. For their anniversary, Hitman and his lover Cinnamon had a full schedule of activities. He was so ecstatic that he decided against taking this footage to Only Fans and instead shared it with his close pals on Instagram, where it was promptly screen captured by a not-so-loyal “friend” and made public.

Multiple Twitter users are now re-tweeting the video. Let us inform you about a social media function called “close friends” if you don’t already know about it: it lets you choose which of your friends can see your tale. Since you’ll have to hand-pick your inner circle of friends, it’s completely private.

Hitman Holla has yet to post an explanation on his social media platforms for the viral nature of the intimate video he shared with his partner. Whether or not he was the one who shared the footage on social media is unclear, and we lack any formal documentation to prove either way.

It was someone who viewed his Snapchat story that first made the video of Hitman Holla popular online. His love video with Cinnamon has his followers going crazy on Twitter.

Hitman Holla Twitter:

Hitman Holla Video is going viral, and fans are tweeting their reactions to it.

Someone on Twitter commented, “Hitman Holla, too odd for publishing that, hahaha. I mean, what exactly is the power game?

A second user tweeted, “why the hell would Hitman Holla publish those videos, and how would they still get leaked from his close friends?”

Somebody else on Twitter said, “Did I appreciate the Hitman Holla video, sure I did, but I think this was purposeful.

Hitman Holla Teeth

Many fans appreciate his skill as a rapper, but rumor has it that his rivals often mock him by calling his teeth “baby teeth” whenever he does business or fights.

Obviously, no one keeps something that will cause ridicule from others if they have the option to change that.

The widespread interest in the Hitman Holla teeth aesthetic prompted the realization that action was required. Who doesn’t want pearly whites? After undergoing a dental makeover, hitman Holla found himself smiling more often. A genuine grin is certainly required.

Hitman Holla teeth have changed, and everyone can see it. People’s interest in teeth whitening has resulted in the development of numerous teeth whitening products and systems. Besides famous people. Individuals from the norman population share a passion for dental hygiene and tooth bleaching.

Having a bright smile is easier when your teeth are white. Hitman Holla teeth have changed, and it’s causing quite a stir. It’s been said that he did something weird to his teeth.

His recent images, in comparison to his older ones, show a dramatic improvement in the brightness of his teeth. You can see that they have been bleached and polished to a brilliant white. Perhaps he put all his money into getting those pearly whites.

Whatever he did to improve the appearance of his teeth, it worked. Self-care and investment in one’s well-being are commendable if they yield spectacular results. I respect his choice to act in this way.

Hitman Holla Wife

The American battle rapper who hails from the United States does not have a spouse. Cinnamon, on the other hand, is the woman he is going to marry at the moment.

According to the information provided in her Instagram bio, she is a businesswoman and an influencer who is 27 years old. Her online shopping and retail site is called CINNY.

Hitman Holla Video

Hitman Holla Fight:

Hitman Holla made a shocking statement that might take Battle rap into the mainstream.

Fans of battle rap didn’t have to wait long, as Hitman Holla announced his plans the next day. When he announced his plans for a combat rap reality TV show with a $100,000 reward, he wasn’t exaggerating when he said he had something major planned for the culture.

“I just signed a TV deal. I’ve got my own battle rap TV show coming,” Hitman penned on Friday. “12 battlers in a mansion for 6 weeks.

Live auditions will be held in four major cities in August, with the winner taking home $100,000. 

In addition, he requested ideas for housemates from his fans before production on the show begins later this year. “Tag the people you think should be in the home and on TV!! In October, we’ll begin shooting.

Hitman Holla Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is Hitman Holla’s real name?

A: The real name of Hitman Holla is Gerald Fulton Jr.

Q: Where does Hitman Holla live now?

A: Based on their Instagram pictures, Hitman and Cinnamon reportedly live in Atlanta, Georgia.

Q: How old is Hitman Holla?

A: The American rapper, singer, social media influencer, television personality, and entrepreneur (born March 29, 1988) hails from St. Louis, Missouri. Currently, he is 34 years old.

Q: Who did Hitman Holla beat up?

A: Hitman Holla and his gang are shown in a now-viral video hitting Chicago battle rapper Byron Blake at an Atlanta gas station.

Q: What is Hitman Holla net worth?

A: The net worth of Hitman Holla was $3 million as of September 2022.

Q: How did Hitman Holla become famous?

A: St. Louis native Hitman Holla was a college football player before deciding to change careers and become a battle rapper. Hitman’s first battle rap was against RemyD in 2008, and he quickly became well-known on the battle rap field.

Q: What is the height of Hitman Holla?

A: Hitman Holla is 1.77 m (5 feet 10 inches) tall. 

Q: Who is Hitman Holla girlfriend?

A: Hitman Holla girlfriend name is Cinnamon. According to her Instagram bio, 27-year-old influencer and businesswoman Cinnamon runs a website and retail shop under the name CINNY.

Q: Did Hitman Holla girlfriend survive?

A: Although she was shot during a house attack, Hitman Holla’s fiancée seemed to be doing fine. The Wild N Out actor shared a snapshot of his girlfriend in a hospital bed on Instagram on Tuesday (October 13th), while she recovered from a gunshot wound.

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