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Cowboy Kent Rollins Net Worth, Age, Family, Wife, Profession, Cookbook, Recipes

Cowboy Kent Rollins Net Worth

American cowboy cook is Kent Rollins. And he brings some of the southern culinary traditions with him. Rollins became well-known after making appearances on various cooking competition shows.

Read this article If you want to know how old he is and also Cowboy Kent Rollins net worth. It also included all details about his wife, Shannon Keller Rollin, his cooking, cookbook, recipes, and much more.

Cowboy Kent Early Life:

On September 8, 1957, in Hollis, Oklahoma, United States, Kent Rollins was born into a family with very little money. He spent his childhood near Hollis, on the banks of the Red River, helping his father with cow-and-calf management and herd care.

 Wash Rollins is his mother, and Joy Rollins is his father. Kent’s family includes an older brother named Randy and a younger sister named Cindy Rollins.

His mom taught him to cook by hand because she thought the hands were a window into the heart. Kent’s mother was not the only source of culinary inspiration; his aunt, grandmother, neighbors, and even some ranch cooks played essential roles.

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Kent attended Hollis High School in Hollis, Oklahoma, for his secondary education. He subsequently attended Oklahoma State University.

Kent learned to cook from watching his mother, who stood on a stool in the kitchen while she prepared meals for the family.

While he was still a young boy, his mother made him bake a chocolate cake, an experience that would forever influence his attitude toward food and cooking.

His unique and unrivaled abilities in the kitchen are only matched by the gravity of his southern drawl and sense of humor.

Kent learned to cook from watching his mother, who stood on a stool in the kitchen while she prepared meals for the family.

While he was still a young boy, his mother made him bake a chocolate cake, an experience that would forever influence his attitude toward food and cooking.

Quick Bio of Cowboy Kent Rollins:

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Professional Life:

Although his unique and unmatched culinary abilities are impressive, What sets him apart is his endearing southern drawl and quick humor. Kent spent his formative years as a cowboy, working at various farms and competing in bull riding for 20 years.

He made a good living as a bull rider but retired at  37 when the ground became too hard for him to ride safely.

Kent previously worked as his uncle Harry Newton Van Osdel Jr.’s cook in New Mexico’s Gila Wilderness in the 1980s.

When Kent started, he was a rancher who cooked for his cattle. He had no idea he would one day showcase his culinary talents to the world. However, this talented son of a gun swayed the opinions of millions, making him a favorite among southern fans.

The Chuck Wagon chef is currently concentrating on teaching his YouTube audience how to prepare pork, chicken, beef, etc.

Kent Rollins Cowboy Cooking Career:

Kent intended to become a chuckwagon cook for a ranch in the early 1990s and thus hoped to acquire his chuckwagon.

So, in 1993, he applied for a job as a ranch cook at Silverbrook Ranches in Abilene and quickly got hired because word of mouth in the cowboy community was very strong there.

When Kent decided to become a ranch cook and caterer, he purchased an 1876 Studebaker chuckwagon and began driving hundreds of miles to feed hundreds of people.

Kent was presented with the option of a cowboy condo, a 7 by 7-foot canvas teepee.

Around 3 o’clock in the morning, he’d rise and prepare sourdough or buttermilk biscuits and coffee on his trusty old firewood stove, bertha.

Additionally, Kent was known to prepare breakfast for the cowboys between 4:30 and 5:30 every morning. Meanwhile, he used to make sausage and cackleberries for breakfast.

Kent would begin lunch preparations and dishwashing after the cowboys had gone to work. He frequently made baked bean casseroles and other sweets to serve at lunchtime. Back then, Kent would prepare the cowboy’s dinner at 6:30 p.m.

He used to make 16-ounce bone-in ribeye, sparklin’ taters, hominy and green chile casserole, a double-layer red velvet cake, and sourdough biscuits for dinner every night. At about 8 or 8:30, Kent would say goodnight for the day.

His old wage was $40 per day or twice as much as the average cowboy at the time.

Cooking As a Profession:

From a young age, Kent wanted to grow up to become a cook, and while cooking for cowboys, he found that his passion lay in cooking on ranches.

He has been working as a chuckwagon cook for more than 30 years, and even though he became a successful YouTuber, he didn’t stop cooking for ranches as he doesn’t want to forget his roots.

Kent Rollins Cowboy Cooking
Cowboy CookBook Kent Rollins

Kent used to experiment with new recipes for the cowboys as he knew that cowboys couldn’t complain about food according to the cowboy code.

After a pronouncement from the governor of Oklahoma in 1996, he became known as the Official Chuck Wagon of Oklahoma.

In addition, the Academy of Western Artists named Kent the Best Cowboy Humorist and Storyteller of the Year.

Cowboy Kent Rollins Wife:

Kent and Shannon Keller Rollins met at a cowboy poetry gathering in Nevada, where Kent was asked to give a workshop on entertaining and cooking.

Shannon, who was in charge of the session, enjoyed spending time with Kent and learning from him. Cowboy Kent instantly fell in love with her after seeing her beaming smile. Later, Shannon enrolled in Kent’s Red River Ranch Chuck Wagon Cooking school and accompanied him to the wagon. 

Kent learned then just how tough she is when it comes to driving the Chuck Wagon. The world at large is aware of Kent’s wit. Shannon quickly relaxed in his company because of his hilarious banter. They started dating quickly after meeting one other.

Eight years of friendship and cooking classes at his school later, they tied the knot in 2011.

She assists him in many ways, including being a videographer, photographer, director, and producer behind the camera. They have a home in Hollis, Oklahoma.

Cowboy Kent Rollins First Wife:

Based on entries in his From the Chuck Wagon blog, we know that Kent was previously married to Donna and that they have a son named Jeffery.

How old is cowboy Kent Rollins?

Cowboy Kent Rollins was born on September 8, 1957, in Oklahoma. Kent Rollins will be 65 years old in 2022.

Kent Rollins TV Shows:

Kent anticipated a future in front of the camera, interacting with contestants from around the United States on popular cooking competition series. Kent was paid a lot of money for his appearances. 

This cowboy has been featured on the Food Network and NBC TV shows.

To that end, Rollins has been on such shows as Chopped Grill Masters, Throwdown! with Bobby Flay, Chopped Redemption, Cutthroat Kitchen, Food Fighters, and CBS Sunday Morning.

At high altitudes (between 7,000 and 12,000 feet), he would bring culinary supplies on mules to prepare elk, mule deer, etc., for the hunters on behalf of his uncle, a professional outfitter.

Cowboy CookBook Kent Rollins:

Kent and his wife have written several best-sellers together, including

A Taste of Cowboy Cookbook 

Faith, Family, and Feast Cookbook.

Food brings people together. It’s a way to show your love and bridge the gap between different cultures and communities. This cookbook is a collection of recipes, stories, poems, and pictures that illustrate the importance of sharing food and fellowship.

A Taste of Cowboy Cookbook:

In our first cookbook, A Taste of Cowboy, we shared our cowboy cooking roots with hearty yet simple recipes. We wanted to continue that tradition but also open up the gate and share more variety on the table.

A Taste of Cowboy is the perfect book for anyone who loves good food and wants to learn more about the culture of the American West. The book contains recipes, beautiful photos, and Kent’s lively tales and poetry.

Faith, Family, and Feast Cookbook.

In Faith, Family & the Feast, we’ve added more garden fresh ingredients, an entire chapter on grilling recipes and tips, and comfort foods sizzling in the iron skillet. This isn’t just a cookbook – an open invitation to spend time with us on the porch, visit, and set yourself a place at our table.

The prices of $13.59 and $14.99, respectively, have sold over 2.5k units.

Cowboy Kent YouTube Channel:

Kent is quite busy with his YouTube channel, which brings in nearly $2,23,000 monthly in revenue. Kent has plenty of money to spare, thanks to his channel’s 1.65 million subscribers and 150k monthly viewers.

Kent’s website and channel on YouTube both got their start thanks to Shannon’s assistance.

His initial blog posts were written under the pen name Kent Rollins, but he later switched to using the name From the Chuck Wagon. 

Their Cowboy Kent Rollins YouTube account went live on July 17, 2009.

As of September 2022, Kent has 2.13 million YouTube subscribers, 125,000 Instagram followers, and 286,000 Facebook likes.

He generates income from many sources, including YouTube advertisements, product sales, affiliate commissions, sponsorships, and patronage.

Cowboy Kent Rollins’ Cowboy Coffee Shop may be found in Wellington, Texas, where Kent also runs Chuck Wagon Cooking Schools.

Kent Rollins Cowboy Cooking

Cowboy Kent Rollins Wife Age:

Shannon Keller Rollins is the famous cowboy cook’s wife. Unlike Kent, Shannon Keller grew up in Portland, Oregon, a city in the Pacific Northwest. Shannon has a BS in communication from the University of Portland. With a year of birth of 1982, Cowboy Kent Rollins wife is currently 40.

Shannon attended her husband’s cooking school, Red River Ranch Chuck Wagon, and graduated with honors. Until now, she has been able to make some of the best southern cuisines around. 

Shannon currently works as a chuckwagon caterer, aiding her husband in various endeavors (ranching, videography, cooking, marketing, etc.). In addition, Shannon contributes significantly to Kent’s cookbooks as a co-author.

When she and Kent tied the knot, she had already moved to Oklahoma. In August 2011, Shannon and Kent married the knot.

Kent and Shannon Kids:

So yet, Kent and Shannon do not share any children. He has a son from his former relationship whose identity is still a secret. However, Kent has a grandson named Kaden, whose life parallels Kent’s boyhood.

At a young age, Kaden has already splashed his creativity in designing various cuisine products. He enjoys cooking with his grandpa and participates in his YouTube videos to assist him in preparing and undertaking multiple cooking tasks.

Merchandise and Store

The success of Kent Rollins’ online retail store has been crucial to his financial well-being. From his website, you can get all the ingredients and tools you need to make southern-style recipes, including the Cowboy Hash Knife. 

In a similar vein, Kent offers sweatshirts and spring t-shirts for $6 to $25. Taking everything into account, Kent Rollins will be worth approximately $2,000,000 in 2021.

Kent Rollins Cowboy Beans:

All the coffee, sugar, flour, beans, spices, etc. that Cookie brought along the way had to be dried because ice chests and batteries did not exist back then—the whole shebang. Beans are inexpensive and may be stored at room temperature for a long time without becoming bad. Cookie could buy a 50-pound bag of beans for the next few dinners and measure out just what he required.

There were only two or three meals a day on trail drives. Both breakfast and dinner were served. The cowboys would take turns watching the herd, coming in for meals whenever possible.

Beans and bean-based dishes are familiar territories for Cowboy Kent. My beans have a little something extra, but they still use common ingredients and have a classic taste that will blow your mind. Before adding the beans, make sure the water is nice and hot.

My standard recipe includes jalapeno, onion, garlic, and cilantro. After some time on the path, Old Cookie didn’t have access to many fresh ingredients, so he resorted to using dried chiles and spices. I’m going to use the masher to crush up a dried guajillo chile and add some of its flavors to the pot of beans without completely pulverizing it. If you have access to Ancho or Cascabel chiles, these would be a great addition to the stew.

Cowboy Kent Rollins Net Worth:

Kent Rollins is a talented individual who has made a good living through his cooking knowledge.

Kent earned money by preparing meals for ranches in Red River Ranch Chuck Wagon Cooking from a young age.

The YouTube star is notoriously tight-lipped about his bank account. However, a reliable assessment could be made by using Net Worth Spot. It is estimated that Kent Rollins, the cowboy, is worth $852,01.

Although the exact amount of Cowboy Kent Rollins net worth is unknown, our site, Net Worth Spot, has pegged it at $852,01 thousand.

The $852,01,000 estimate is based entirely on projections from YouTube ad sales. In other words, Cowboy Kent Rollins’ wealth may be significantly more than estimated. Cowboy Kent Rollins net worth may exceed $1.19 million when considering his income streams. Daily views on Cowboy Kent Rollins’s YouTube channel average roughly 118,33,000 views.

A channel that uses advertisements to generate revenue would receive $1,000 for every 1,000 views. Channels monetized on YouTube can make anything from $3 to $7 for every 1,000 views. Based on these numbers, Cowboy Kent Rollins likely earns $14,200 monthly or $213,000 annually.

Yet, Cowboy Kent Rollins’ earnings on Net Worth Spot could be understated. Cowboy Kent Rollins’ annual salary has the potential to reach $383,4000 at the upper end of the salary range.

YouTubers also typically have multiple streams of revenue. One way for influencers to make money is by selling their items, while others include accepting product sponsorships or earning passive income.

Cowboys Kent Rollins Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How much does Cowboy Kent Rollins make from Youtube?

A: Kent earns $ 19.8K per month from YouTube.

Q: What does Kent Rollins do for a living?

A: Kent, who has been a chef for 40 years, is well-known for his efforts to maintain traditional culinary practices.

Q: Who is Cowboy Kent Rollins wife?

A: Cowboy Kent Rollins wife name is Shannon Keller Rollins.

Q: How old is cowboy Kent Rollins?

A: His age is 65.

Q: When was Shannon Rollins born?

A:  Shannon was born in 1982. Her age is 40. 

Q: Where did Kent Rollins learn to cook?

A: Kent started as a cook while helping his uncle guide and feed hunters in New Mexico’s remote Gila Wilderness. Beginning in 1993 with the purchase of a chuck wagon, he initially catered to ranch workers before branching out into other areas.

Q: What is the monthly income of Cowboy Kent Rollins?

A: As a cowboy, Kent Rollins earns about $9.42K monthly.

Q: How many subscribers does Cowboy Kent Rollins have?

A: 2.230,000 people subscribe to Kent Rollins.

Q: How many videos does Cowboy Kent Rollins have?

A: On YouTube, Kent Rollins has uploaded 438 videos.

Q: How many video views does Cowboy Kent Rollins have?

A: Kent Rollins has 190,878,365 YouTube views.

When did Cowboy Kent Rollins begin using YouTube?

A: Kent Rollins has had a YouTube channel since 2009-07-17.

Q: What is the Cowboy Kent Rollins net worth?

A: Cowboy Kent Rollins net worth of about $231,000.

Q: How much does Cowboy Kent Rollins make per 1000 views?

A: According to Wikipedia, Kent Rollins earns approximately $1.21 per 1000 views.

Q: Does Kent Rollins have a cookbook?

A: A Taste of Cowboy Cookbook 

Faith, Family, and Feast Cookbook.

Q: Where is Kent Rollins now?

A: Together with his wife Shannon, Kent Rollins resides in Oklahoma. They run the Red River Chuck Wagon Cooking School together.

Q: What state is Kent Rollins from?

A: Kent Rollins was born in Hollis, Oklahoma, USA.

Q: Is Kent Rollins still cooking?

A: Kent has maintained his commitment to the cowboy way of life and continues to prepare meals on a vintage Studebaker chuck wagon that dates back to 1876.

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