Chet Larson Farming Net Worth, Age, Family,  Youtube & more

Chet Larson Farming Net Worth

Who is Chet Larson ?

Full NameChet Larson
Age38 Years
Birth DateOctober 1st, 1983
Birth PlaceMinnesota, United States
Education StatusGraduation
Marital StatusMarried
Net Worth$1.4 Million

Today we are discussing the personality who is well known on his large family farm.

Chet Larson is an American popular farmer who has a YouTube channel where he posts videos about his lifestyle and work. He offers an interesting perspective on life as a farmer and how to live off the land.

The farm’s name is Larsen farms that are owned by Merlyn (Chet’s Grandpa). The Larson Family runs the YouTube Channel and earned a hundred dollars from it. Chet Larson Farming net worth is about $700k to $1.4M approximately.

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Early Life Of Chet Larson:

Real Name: His real names are Doug and Randy. He was born on 1st October,1983 in Minnesota, United States. His nationality is American. He belongs to Christianity. The ethnicity of Chet Larson is Caucasian,

Chet Larson Age: According to his date of birth, he is about 38 years old.

Eye and Hair Color:

The eyes and hair color of Chet Larson are Brown. The skin complexion is White.

Chet Larson Height:

The height is average at about 5 feet 10 inches.

Chet Larson Weight:

The weight is 62kg(approx).

Chet Larson Education:

He completed his early education in private school and after he completed his graduation. A few years after college, he joined his family’s business.

Chet Larson Family:

Marylin, Dough, and Randy are the owners of Larson’s Family.

His mother’s name was Amy Larson and his father’s name was Doug Larson.

He also has one brother whose name is Clayton Larson.

Other Family Members of Larson Family:

Larson Farm is not controlled by only one person, it’s properly managed by a large family including about three generations. Ray and Carol, had three children whose names are Norm Dave, and Lynn with their life partners.

Besides this grandson and his wife, two young children also support Larson Farms. All family members have their roles to play in ensuring the family business is a success. By working together and each doing their part, the family can generate more revenue.

Larsons Farm

Chet Larson Wife:

On 24 January 2015, Chet married the love of his life whose name was Nicole in Glenwood MN. As of 2016, Chet Larson’s wife has expressed her immense creativity through Larson Rustic Home Furnishings.

She also started Nicole’s Untold Gold in January 2020. Nicole, however, on 27 May 2021 passed away at the age of 25 because of Myeloid Sarcoma cancer.

Professional Life:

Chet Larson Career:

Larson joined the family business after completing his Graduation. He was at a very young age and had  extensive knowledge of growing crops. He loves creativity. All family members of Larson have a fondness for farming and have  plenty of knowledge to improve the productivity of the land.

How many acres does the Larson Family have?

The Larson farm has about 6500 acres, and every year it produces an average amount of nearly:

  • 875,000 bushels of corn
  • 150,000 bushels of soybeans
Is Chet Larson running a YouTube Channel?

Yes, Chet is famous for uploading videos on a YouTube channel that are related to farming, he also shares his experience of doing work. The videos are based on vehicles that are used in fields, and crop productivity, and show his devotion to farming which inspires people more.

The channel name is Larson Family. He uploaded about 2 videos in a week. The channel started 11 years ago, it boasts about 298 uploaded videos. He also discuss the Chet Larson Farming net worth in their videos.

Who is the CEO of the Larson Family?

The CEO of Larson’s Family is Cal Larson SFD.

Chet Larson Net Worth of Farms:

The total estimated Chet Larson Farming Net Worth is $700k to $1.4M.

Mostly, Chet Larson earns from his YouTube Channel, He has about 343k subscribers and also has many followers on social platforms.

Followers on Social Media:
  1. Instagram:133K
  2. Facebook:91k
  3. Twitter:272k
  4. Youtube:321k

The Chet Larson Farming Net Worth of a Youtube Channel is about $9.1k to $146k  approximately. Their sources of income can also be a brand deals and sponsorships,  paid partnerships, and farm work. However, one constant for most farmers is the pressure to produce quality crops quickly and efficiently.. Recently,  Chet has grown the productivity of Corn and Soybeans. 

A three-generation family partnership owns Larson Farm, which has 3,400 cattle and 7,000 finished cattle. The Farm is famous because the family captures ultrasound images of the ribeyes using hospital-grade equipment.

They created well-known nutritious energy food that is fed on optimum feeding. They follow strategies and plans based on farm work.

According to Forbes, Chet Larson Farming Net Worth is among the top YouTubers’ net worth and the top company’s net worth. Currently, Chet is still young. Therefore, Chet Larson Farming net worth should increase rapidly over time.

Chet Larson Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Who is Chet Larson?

Ans: Chet Larson is a famous American YouTuber and farmer. The farm’s name is Larsen farms that are owned by Merlyn (Chet’s Grandpa).

2. What is the age of Chet Larson?

Ans: He is about 38 years old.

3. Where is Larson Farm Located?

Ans: Larson Farms is located in West Central Minnesota, United States.

4. Who is Chet Larson’s Wife?

Ans: On 24 January 2015, Chet married the love of his life whose name was Nicole in Glenwood MN.

5. How many employees does Larson’s Family have?

Ans: Larson Farms is a pretty big operation. They have 1 total employee across all locations and generate a whopping $92,824 in sales (USD). That’s a lot of money! It’s no wonder they are able to operate in so many locations.

6. What happened to Larson’s Wife?

Ans:  Nicole, however, on 27 May 2021 passed away at the age of 25 because of Myeloid Sarcoma cancer.

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