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Blondedy Ferdinand Net Worth, Shop, Age, Instagram, Husband

Blondedy Ferdinand Net Worth

Today I will discuss Blondedy Ferdinand net worth, shop, Instagram, & husband. A famous businesswoman who is known for her songs, acting, and modeling.

Who is Blondedy Ferdinand?

Blondedy Ferdinand is a social media personality with a strong focus on using her platform to empower other women known for I Love You Anne. She is a singer, entrepreneur, actress, and model who is also interested in business. She was born in Haiti.

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Quick Bio of Blondedy Ferdinand:

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Early Life

Blondedy Ferdinand’s Date of Birth:

Her date of birth is 13 March 1983.

Blondedy Ferdinand Husband:

Her Husband’s name is D-Perfect.

Blondedy Ferdinand husband

Blondedy Ferdinand Age:

She is 39 years old.

Marital Status:

She announced publicity about her engagement.

Famous for:

She is famous for her starring role in the film “I Love You, Anne.”


Her nationality is Haitian.


Her ethnicity is Haitian.

Professional Life

Blondedy Ferdinand’s Career:

Blondedy Ferdinand has always wanted to be a singer and performer since she was a young girl. She first gained notoriety for her role in the 2003 feature film I Love You Anne by Richard Senecal when she was just 16 years old.

In 2006, she was one of three actresses to play prominent roles in the film The Colors of Dignity. She always dreamed of being a singer from a young age. She would constantly sing around the house and try to mimic her favorite artists.

As she got older, she realized that she had a talent for singing and decided to pursue it professionally but her mother advised against it and instead encouraged her to pursue theater. As an adult, she became an entrepreneur in addition to being an actress.

For the film The Colors of Dignity, she received the Ticket d’Or, the first award for best actress. In 2018, she portrayed Esther in God’s Will, following her role in Dancing in the Shadow of Love. She has a YouTube channel named Blondedy Ferdinand.

She joined this on 20 August 2009 and it has now 220k subscribers now. She has also an interest in music and likes to do rapping. 

Blondedy Ferdinand Shop:

Blondedy Ferdinand has a personal brand and she is the founder of this company that is known for cosmetics. She has an online shop that sells waist trainers, creams, lotions, and other beauty products. In 2004, she won the Ticket d’Or award for best actress in The Colors of Dignity. It was the first time an actress had won this award.

The brand specializes in quality face creams and makeup that leave customers feeling beautiful and confident. In addition to being a leading beauty company, she has also been a major real estate investor in both Haiti and America.

Blondedy Ferdinand Instagram:

She is very active on Instagram and other social media platforms, promoting her brand and connecting with her audience. She has 2 million followers.

Instagram Profile Link: Click Here

Blondedy Ferdinand Net Worth:

The revenue for Blondedy Ferdinand is predicted to be around $4.5 thousand in the year 2022. This is only an estimate and the amount could go up or down by as much as $1.5 thousand in either direction.

Blondedy Ferdinand’s revenue is $17.9K in 2021. This is just an estimate and the actual number could be anywhere between $16.3K – $22.6K.

Blondedy Ferdinand Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What is Blondedy Ferdinand’s Date of Birth?

Ans: Her date of birth is 13 March 1983

2. What is the name of Blondedy Ferdinand’s Husband?

Ans: Her Husband’s name is D-Perfect.

3. What is Blondedy Ferdinand age?

Ans: Her age is 39 years old in 2022.

4. What is Blondedy Ferdinand’s Net Worth?

Ans: Blondedy Ferdinand’s revenue is $4.5K in 2022. It is an approximate forecast and could vary in change between $4.4K – $6K.

5. What is Blondedy Ferdinand Nationality?

Ans: Her nationality is Haitian.

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