Beautiful Beyan On GPS Islampur 2022

Beautiful Beyan On GPS Islampur

Introduction About Beautiful Beyan On GPS Islampur

GPS ISLAMPUR was primarily positioned in 1968 and is operated under the Ministry of Education and learning. It is positioned in backwoods.

It’s a Madrassa where students are taught the spiritual and religious sciences along with the conventional Madrassa curriculum of Arabic, Persian and Urdu language, literature, and a tad bit about regulation and arithmetic. In this article, we will discuss beautiful beyan on GPS Islampur.

The faculty and other personnel are selected on the premise of their being scholastic and possessed of religious insight into the teachings of any foreign Islamic university.

According to the director of the Madrassa, there

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History Of GPS Islampur

Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh contains the town of Islampur. Located about 25 km south of ***’s Bazar, Islampur is known for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. The town was founded in 1393 by Ali-uddin Molla, a Sufi saint from India. In December 1969, Islampur became an administrative subdivision of then East Pakistan.

Beautiful Beyan On GPS Islampur

Chittagong’s Southeastern district is home to Islampur, a historical city. The city has a long and rich history dating back to the 9th century when it was founded as “Rajshahi” by Raja Shri Simanta Sen in the 16th century.

Due to its close proximity to the Indian subcontinent and its strategic location along the banks of the Karnaphuli River, this city flourished.

In the southeastern region of Bengal, Islampur emerged as a major administrative centre during British rule.

Today, Islampur is a thriving city with a rich cultural heritage. Several historical landmarks are located in the city, which is a popular tourist destination.

The Islampur CD Block Is Based In Islampur

The West Bengal Official Language (Amendment) Act of 2012, which came into force in December 2012, designates Urdu as an official language in places with a population of more than 10% Urdu speakers, such as subdivisions and blocks.

As the district’s boundaries have been assessed, Goalpokhar I and II Blocks, Islampur Block, and Islampur Municipality have been found compliant with the standards. In 2014, the Kolkata Supreme Court added Dalkhola Municipality to the list.

Who Is Tariq Jameel?

Tariq Jameel was born in 1953 in a small village in the Punjab region of Pakistan. He began his career as a schoolteacher in a nearby village and then worked as a civil engineer for the Pakistani government.

When he was about 31, he saw a local play on the martyrdom of the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson Imam Hussain and was so moved by it that he abandoned his government job to devote his life to reciting the Quran and spreading Islam. Tariq Jameel is a famous Islamic speaker, who is famous for his ‘Duas for Success.

He conducts interactive sessions for Muslims across the world, in which he teaches people how to leave the world with a clean slate. He has a Youtube channel with many videos related to topics like Wealth, happiness, spirituality, etc. This channel has received more than 41 million views and 6.68 million followers. He also has a website, named, which sells his 4-volume book series ‘The Treasure of the Awliya’.

About Beautiful Beyan On GPS Islampur

GPS ISLAMPUR is a government-run school located in the rural SUJANPUR block of PATHANKOT district in Punjab, India. The school was established in 1968 and offers education from grades 1 to 5. It is a co-educational school with no attached preschool section. The school uses Punjabi as the language of instruction and the academic session starts in April. GPS ISLAMPUR is accessible via an all-weather road.

The school complex has several government buildings, three of which are classrooms in good condition. The other two rooms are for non-teaching activities. There is also a separate room for the principal/teacher. The school has a perimeter wall made of Pucca and a playground. It also has electricity and functional hand pumps for drinking water. There is one functional boys’ toilet and one functional girls’ toilet.

As a result, school lunches are prepared and served in school buildings that offer this service. It has 207 books in its library, which is open to the public. The school does not require a ramp for disabled children to access the classrooms; however, the school does not have computers for teaching and learning purposes, nor does it have a computer-assisted learning laboratory.

Beautiful And Impressive Beyan On GPS The Islampur Of Tariq Jameel

Tariq Jameel is an Islamic scholar whose lectures are widely popular among Muslim youth. His lectures shed light on Islamic viewpoints, and his voice is quite impressive. He is the only Islamic scholar to be invited to speak at The Oxford Union, an organization of worldwide reputation.

He deserves high praise for breaking the barriers of language and culture to deliver the message loudly and clearly to the world. Tariq Jameel is a beacon of hope for your bright future, and he would love to guide you to the right path.

GPS ISLAMPUR was created in 1968, and the Ministry of Education uses it too. Property owned by the government is provided by the university. Training has been possible in the past thanks to three classrooms. The classrooms are genuinely maintained. Two extra spots can be used for nearly any other job.

Primary components or teachers are located at the university.

Further, the university’s wall surfaces are constructed of pucca.

In addition, the university has a playground with electricity provided by the institution.


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