11 Best Sandwich at Subway to Try for a Delicious Experience

11 Best Sandwich at Subway to Try for a Delicious Experience

When Subway first opened, it really started to change how the fast food industry worked. The fast food industry used to only offer burgers and fried chicken, but Subway is beginning to show something different. Sandwich Of course, Subway doesn’t make sandwiches, and they’re not even the first company to provide fast food-style sandwiches. But they took the idea and brought it to the masses. They were the first custom sandwich company to go global and more than 50 years later they are still growing. While Subway gives you the opportunity to make your own sandwich from scratch, they also offer some classic combinations that are popular with many fans. You can still customize the bread, salad, and dressing for this sandwich, but the essential ingredients are pre-made for you.

Best Sandwiches of Subway to Try

So which classic subway combination is the best? In this guide, we’re going to sort the best subway sandwiches from worst to best, so let’s get started.

Turkey Breast

Sometimes you just can’t beat it and for that reason we will always say this is the best sub! Some people find this floor boring, but we like it because it’s so easy to customize. Both turkey and ham offer flavors that are perfect for customizing, so you can add whatever salad and dressing you like and your sub will still taste great. This is one of the healthier options and also one of the cheaper options. So if you’re on a diet, on a budget, or want something classy, ​​this one of subway new sandwiches is the proposal for you!

Steak & Cheese

If you like Philly cheesesteaks, you will probably like Subway cheesesteaks. This patty is very different from the classic Philly Cheesesteak, but has all the same flavors that make it taste so good. It’s super delicious to eat, and you don’t have to worry about ingredients falling out of your pod when you eat them. Many people think that submarines are sane, but that’s not necessarily the case. The steak and cheese option with subway toppings is one of the least healthy on the menu, but definitely worth it if you’re looking to pamper yourself!

Steak and Cheese Sandwich

Meatball Marinara 

Since first appearing on Subway’s menu, meatball marinara has become the company’s signature dish. It’s a sub that attracts customers from all over the world and it’s easy to see why. When you try the meatball marinara, you may wonder why no one has ever put meatballs in a sandwich before because it’s crazy. It’s not the best to add to sauces and salads, and it’s very messy to eat. But all this inconvenience is worth the taste of this creamy and delicious sauce on subway meats.

Meatball Marinara

Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt

Now we are in the forgotten healthy place – a very tasty option. It’s still better than doubling, at least. Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt is Subway’s best choice for hot sandwiches. You can eat it on the go, and it brings together the best things in food — gooey cheese, crunchy bacon, and fried chicken. It is one of the best subway sandwiches for its lovers.

chicken and bacon ranch

Italian B.M.T

If you prefer your plate served cold, then you should try B.M.T. Italy. This selection is fresh and tasty and clean to eat. All of the options in this subsection are thinly sliced, meaning there’s plenty of room to add salads and dressings to your liking. This filling also tastes great with all types of bread. With salami, Black Forest ham, and pepperoni, there’s no lousy salad in this sub. So it’s perfect for customizing and designing your way! It is included in the list of best sandwiches at subway.

Italian BMT

Sweet Onion Teriyaki

From the Subway Hot Chicken Sandwich, the Sweet Onion Teriyaki beats the other three, but it’s all the same. BBQ Chicken and Buffalo Chicken are the same basic formula with different sauces and yes they are delicious. But this is Sweet Onion Teriyaki! Sweet, spicy, and relatively healthy. If you’re looking for a hot sandwich or the best subway sandwich that’s good and won’t make you nauseous, order one of these when you’re late for lunch.

Sweet Onion Teriyaki

Veggie Delite

When you eat meat, you may never think about enjoying vegetables. But if you are a vegetarian, it’s your only option. There’s no denying that this sub can be boring, but it’s only as attractive as you make it. You have freedom as far as salad choices go, and you can add whatever dressing or subway toppings you want to add flavor to. It’s not the most exciting sub, but it’s your best bet if you don’t eat meat.

Veggie Delight

Black Forest Ham

If you are a meat lover but want a healthy sub, then Black Forest ham is the filling for you. Vegetable buns are the most nutritious, followed by Black Forest ham. This ham is sliced ​​, so it’s clean to eat and has the perfect flavor to pair with any sauce or vegetable you want. So if you’re going to take care of yourself but don’t want to spoil your healthy diet, this is the choice for you.

black forest ham

Buffalo Chicken 

Next there is the Buffalo Chicken Sub. The chicken in this sub is filling, and it’s fortified with the addition of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. Choose the salad you like, but we recommend tomato, cucumber, and lettuce for the best taste. The subway meats sandwich is absolutely delicious, so it’s easy to see why it’s quickly become a Subway favorite.

buffalo chicken sandwich


Cheese and Steak

They try hard not to call this the Philly Cheesesteak. It’s one, but not really. But it’s a little healthier! So, all in all a solid choice for the famous subway sandwich. They let you choose your cheese when you order it, which means a lot if you’re not a Philly fan. Some insist Wiz is the only real cheese option (it’s not an option on Subway), but go for American or Provolone and you’re doing brotherly love justice.


Cold Cut Combo 

Finally, we have this classic ‘cold cut combo sub.’ If you’ve always had grilled subs then this isn’t the option for you but it will take you straight back to authentic Italian delights. It is listed on the subway’s new sandwiches.

Cold Cut Combo


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